This case study demonstrates how were able to fit a 2 door sliding wardrobe over the stairs bulkhead. Our brief was to create a wardrobe and drawers in a bedroom that had the inconvenience of the protruding stairs bulkhead.

Mr & Mrs B like a lot of our customers are a young couple looking to increase the size of their family! They already have one little girl and were expecting another very soon. This created a small problem in their family home, a problem that we see far too often…. NOT ENOUGH STORAGE SPACE & NOT ENOUGH FLOORSPACE!

Wardrobe with cupboard doors

Existing Wardrobe With Cupboard Doors

Within their second bedroom there was an old airing cupboard that used to house the boiler. They were able to use it as a makeshift wardrobe for storing clothes, once they had the boiler moved to a more convenient place elsewhere in the house. However, it wasn’t particularly convenient or indeed easy to store clothes in this space.  There was a big space behind a studded wall that was not being used to its full potential.

Also in the bottom corner of this room was a stairs bulkhead just to make it even more useless for storage! The stairs bulkhead is something we see very often, where people say they cannot use that space. Or more often they wish we at Real Room Designs could do something to make that space more efficient for them. Well we can and we do…..

So This Is Where We Come In

From our previous experiences we were able to suggeste that we could remove the old studded wall and wardrobe doors. Then we would build over the stairs bulkhead to maximise the storage space. In this case we then went on to build a frame system 2 door sliding wardrobe complete with shallow shelves at the back with hanging rail in front. We did it this way because the space available was deep enough to do so. Otherwise behind the hanging rail would just be wasted space and we don’t waste space here at Real Room Designs. Thus we were able to create useful storage and also free up floor space in the bedroom!

One problem we came across during this job, due to this being an old airing cupboard and housing the old boiler, were essential water pipes at the back. There would always be a need for access to these pipes in case of any emergency with the water. Our solution was simple; we would just cut round the pipes allowing full access. This also kept the look of the wardrobe to meet with the customer’s preferences.

This job was completed in Bavarian beech with one mirrored and one coloured door. it took just over one day to complete. Job completed. 2 door sliding wardrobe over the stairs bulkhead