Finding the correct solution to storage problems in bedrooms of all sizes is just what we love doing at Real Room Designs. In this project we were asked to solve a storage problem by designing and building 4 door sliding wardrobes.

The 4 Door Sliding Wardrobes Project

Mrs Khan was fed up of her old tired wardrobes that were an eye sore in one of the bedrooms in her house. The old wardrobes ran all the way along one of the walls covering an unused fireplace and chimney.

As well as being an eye sore, these current wardrobes didn’t used the space effectively and the wardrobe doors opened into the room taking up the floor space when open. Thereby reducing the available floors pace in the bedroom.

Mrs K was very interested in getting some ideas for sliding wardrobes. But once she had received some very high priced quotes from various places she put that idea on the back burner and decided to address the problem at some stage in the future.

Eventually Mrs K contacted us at Real Room Designs to see if we could solve the bedroom storage problems she was having with the old wardrobes in her bedroom. With this in mind when we went to see Mrs K with our design and quote we were able to suggested different ways in which she could minimise the cost, but keep the value and also keep the 4 door sliding doors concept, she so badly wanted. We were able to do this by framing out the shelves instead of using a wardrobe carcass like you would see in the majority of fitted wardrobes.

Mr K insisted that the TV was too stay on the wall, because this is where he watches all of the sport matches! This wasn’t a problem we just had to ensure that the 4 door sliding wardrobes and the track came past the TV without disturbing it. We also had to ensure that there would be enough room to see the TV once the doors were opened. This we did and Mr K was able to continue watching his favourite sport programmes.

The installation for this job took two full days, with the removal of the old existing wardrobes included. The new 4 door sliding wardrobe was complete in white textured décor with two of the doors in soft white glass and the other two mirrored.

Another satisfied customer, demonstrating that a little creative design can go a long way. The storage problems solved and costs controlled by using 4 door sliding wardrobes without wardrobe carcasses,