Fully Fitted Kitchen At An Affordable Price


The question is, how do you go about getting a Fully Fitted Kitchen at an affordable price? You can then complicate the equation even more when you have to consider

  • How do I go about designing my perfect fully fitted kitchen?
  • How do I go about integrating all the latest design features at an affordable price?
  • Where do I source the kitchen from to get the best deal possible?
  • Who do I get to install the new fitted kitchen?


finished fully fitted kitchen


All of these questions and perhaps even more crop up when you are considering a new fully fitted kitchen. Who can you trust to help you through this minefield? Well the answer is simple. We at Real Room Designs will do it all for you. We are the experts when it comes to designing and installing a fully fitted kitchen at an affordable price for you!
Take a look at this case study where we were able to install a fully functioning fitted kitchen for our customer in a very short space of time with no fuss at all.


Mrs M Wants a Fully Fitted Kitchen


Mrs. M has used our services before and knows us to be very reliable and professional tradesmen. We have successfully completed two bedrooms for Mrs. M and so we are getting quite used to working at her house. This time she fancied having a new kitchen done.
She contacted Derek about 8 weeks before Christmas regarding her dream kitchen. Derek went down to Manchester to discuss the project in full and then presented Mrs. M with a quote for the work that needed to be done. It was important to settle on the right design, but at an affordable price, within her budget. The choice of cabinetry was made and the worktop was selected. We were then able to settle on a price for the overall project. Derek and Mrs M then set a date to squeeze her in just before Xmas so she was all ready for the festive period, where she could show off her very bright and modern kitchen.


The Work Begins On The Affordable Kitchen


Firstly, there was an existing kitchen that needed to be removed. This was completed just before lunchtime, which gave us time to get the new tiles down on the floor. This would be the beginning of the new kitchen.


The next day it was time for the base kitchen units to be fitted. This would be done by starting at one end and working our way around the kitchen leaving the correct space for the appliances. These would be fitted later on. The base units were all fitted level and secure to the wall so there was no movement. After all the base units were fitted, it was then time for the wall units to be fixed. This followed the same process as the base units but they would be fixed to the walls using wall brackets.


The Finishing Touches To the Fitted Kitchen Units


Mrs. M wanted a white granite worktop to give her new kitchen that modern look. This requires the granite suppliers to come out and take templates, then the granite worktop would be ready 3 days later. We then installed the cooker, washing machine, extractor and dishwasher securely in the correct places.
It was then time for the Granite company to come and fit the worktops. All that was then left for Real Room Designs to do was for us to fit the sink and taps. Fitting this is done using waterproof silicone to stop any leeks. After taps were in place we had to tile the rest of the kitchen above the worktop to give it that perfect finish!
Another happy customer in Mrs. M as she was ready to have a few guests round over the Christmas period. She was safe in the knowledge that a fully fitted kitchen at an affordable price was now available and functioning for her.