A Case Study In Alcove Wardrobe Ideas



In this case study we look at how we solved bedroom storage problems by designing and implementing alcove wardrobe ideas into our customer’s bedroom.

Miss H & her partner had recently moved into their first home and were faced with a small storage problem in their master bedroom. The problem being – there wasn’t any!

The room was completely empty and it was a rather large room. There was a chimney breast running through one of the walls which was just off centre, leaving two alcoves either side. One slightly larger than the other. Perfect for fitted wardrobes we said!

Miss H was very keen on having enough space for long hanging dresses and plenty of space for storing her collection of shoes! This was not a problem as in this particular house the ceilings were high enough to accommodate such wardrobes.

So on one side of the chimney breast, Miss H opted for one top shelf, a long hanging
section and then two pull out shelves. This would allow her to pull out when she was selecting a pair of shoes to wear! Mr H was just like the rest of us blokes,” just give me some drawers and a bit of hanging”, so this is what we did.

We incorporated a four drawer chest inside a double wardrobe with hanging above and a top shelf above that on the other side of the chimney breast. The final wardrobe consisted of two top shelves and double hanging underneath which was for both to share (I think we all know Miss H was keeping it all for herself).

Along with the fitted wardrobes Miss H wanted a matching dressing table with drawers and also two matching bedside table with drawers.

This job took between 2-3 days to install, and the only real problem we occurred was an access point for an electrical socket was needed where the wardrobes were being fitted, so we had to cut out a small hole in the side of the wardrobe and then re-edge the board to give a professional finish, and full access to the socket.

This job was completed in Driftwood décor cabinetry with cream gloss doors which satin silverkeyhole handles.


‘’ Brilliant job done at fitting furniture in our bedroom! We are really happy with how it looks and the service that we have received, 5 out of 5 Stars’’

In just a couple of days we were able to create a range of fitted wardrobes along with a dressing table and bedside tables, all matching in design and style. By utilising alcove wardrobe ideas we solved the bedroom storage problems for Miss H.