Bespoke Box Bedroom Fitted Furniture


We have become experts when it comes to the design and installation of bespoke fitted furniture for a box room. Our numerous customers are testimony to this developing area of our portfolio at Real Room Designs. This project for Mrs H from Lancaster is no exception and showcases our skills at getting the most out of the available space in small box bedrooms.

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Fulfilling The Brief And Designing Made To Measure Fitted Furniture For A Box Bedroom


Mrs. H came to us with the knotty problem of how to get the most from her small box room in terms of maximising the storage capacity as well as maintaining the aesthetic good looks of the small bedroom. Style, elegance and efficiency was her brief to us. She desperately wanted us to transform the room into a spacious bedroom with a lot of storage. The bespoke fitted furniture had to include a desk and two sets of drawers! It’s amazing what we can do with your space. Obviously we had to design and build a made to measure cabin bed to be fitted down one side of the box room.

Getting Started On The Bespoke Fitted Furniture Project


Protecting The Carpets

Protecting The Carpets

After arriving at the job in Lancaster and having a nice warm brew made for us, we laid out the dust sheets from the front door up the stair and to the bedroom. This is to stop and dirt or rubbish getting on the customers floor and damaging the carpet. This is a must with any job we undertake. We also cleared the room where we would be working to maximise the space to make the job easier. Then we could really get stuck into the task ahead.

The first real job of the day was to construct the frame for the single cabin bed. This has to be done so we can achieve maximum space underneath the bed to provide Mrs H with part of her storage solution. By using some 3×2 timber and L-brackets the frame was completed and all ready to take the weight of a human. In fact it even took the combined weight of Lewis & Derek. How’s that for thorough testing?  Let’s face it Derek has not won any “Slimmer Of The Year” awards – recently!

Lewis testing weight of cabin bed

Lewis Testing The Cabin Bed…. Where Is Derek? Oh – Taking The Photo!

Next up were the units that were going to be the front of the bed and would also hold the doors. The fit was starting to take shape and the customer could see where the project was going.

Lewis working on top boxes

Lewis At Work Building Up The Top Boxes

It was now lunch time where we were supplied with a good old Meat & Potato pie and another fine brew (Mrs H knows how to look after us northern lads) it went down a treat and we were ready to continue.

cabin bed building break

Lewis Taking A Break From Building The Cabin Bed With His Brew And The Meat & Potato Pie

Top boxes were up next and securely fixed to the walls, thus providing even more storage opportunities to comply with the brief. This was immediately followed by the end panel which tied in the bed itself and made it look as one. With the space left between the end panel and the wall we made a fitted hanging robe, which would give the customer that little extra space to hang her ball gowns!

On to the opposite wall where the customer wanted a desk and a few sets of drawers, we fixed both drawers to the wall and also to the skirting board so they wouldn’t move when being used. We measured out for the desk top and cut to achieve a perfect fit and a high quality finish demanded by the customer!

Another job completed & another very happy customer in Mrs H.

Mrs H sat On cabin Bed

Mrs H A Happy Customer Sat On Her New Cabin bed

The customer brief was fully achieved and we fulfilled the task “of maximising the storage capacity as well as maintaining the aesthetic good looks of the small bedroom” for Mrs H. This whole project shows clearly how additional storage capacity can be achieved when we installed bespoke fitted furniture for a box room.