Two Built In Wardrobes In The Same Bedroom 

This job was to fit a built in wardrobe with dressing table and internal drawers in the master bedroom. Additionally, we fitted a built in wardrobe with drawers to a further wall in the bedroom. Clearly another big job for us at Real Room Designs. Just what we love to do!

Our first job in Church Stretton was to remove the existing fitted wardrobes that had been in there 20 years. These came out relatively easily, apart from around the top where it was built into the plasterboard and cornice. We had to remove these bits carefully without damaging the paintwork.

Built In Wardrobes With Internal Drawers And Hanging Space

To start fitting the built in wardrobes we had to build all the carcasses before adding all the internals. These internals included shelving hanging spaces and internal drawers. We achieved this by making sure that all the bases were level before connecting the back and sides and then finally adding the top. Then we put this first set of built in wardrobes into place. We were careful to ensure that we made them level. Then we screwed them to battens we had put in place to make sure they were fixed securely.

Built In Wardrobe With Dressing Table And Internal Drawers

The next job was to complete the same set of processes for the main built in wardrobe with dressing table and internal drawers located on one of the other walls in the bedroom. These were fixed in place after ensuring they were level. This run of built in wardrobes was broken up by a set of drawers and a bridging unit in the middle with a folding mirror on the drawer top to act as a dressing table.

Next, it was time to cut and scribe the surrounds and infills. This was done by using a scribing tool. The correct use of which gives you the contouring and shape of the wall giving the best possible finish.

Finally, we had to fit the Vinyl wrapped MDF doors and handles on the wardrobes, bridging units and drawers.

This job showcased the expertise and technical abilities of our fitters at Real Room Designs. A combination of functional and innovative design, incorporating the clients wishes, followed by professional fitting, is just what the customer wanted. The completion of the task of providing a built in wardrobe with dressing table and internal drawers on one wall and a built in wardrobe with internal drawers and hanging space on another wall was completed with a minimum of disruption for the customer.