See How We Get A Cabin Bed Installed With A Desk And Wardrobe


This job, a cabin bed installed with a desk and wardrobe, was a little bit different to any others we have done, for two reasons. The first being that the box room we were working in was spacious and had a lot more room than the ones we usually work in. The other was that the stand out colour for the doors, chosen by Mrs W’s son, an avid Liverpool fan, was red, which Derek (an avid Everton fan) was happy to fit.

Due to the amount of space available in this box room, we suggested that not only to have a cabin bed installed complete with top boxes and open shelf on one side of the room (over the stairs bulkhead) but to also install a working desk and wardrobe opposite on the other side of the room. This would maximise the amount of storage available as well as allowing space for the Liverpool fan to do his homework.



With this job, we started with the cabin bed, by firstly removing the old stairs bulkhead and then building out from the open shelf unit behind the headboard. We then put the top boxes up above the cabin bed before moving across to the other side of the room and building the single wardrobe and working out towards the window with the desk top and underneath units.



This job was complete with a white textured décor and red doors with a satin silver bow handle. It took 3 days with a couple of problems occurring along the way. One issue was one that we get a lot of, because we are removing old fitted furniture or stairs bulkheads. We sometimes disturb the plaster so often we must get the plasterer in just to touch up and feather in some more plaster. The other issue we encountered was that once we hung the single wardrobe door we noticed that the door was damaged with a small scratch on the front. Sometimes this can happen at the factory, or on route whilst it’s in transit, however, we let the customer know and got a replacement door pretty much straight away.



Hi Derek 
Thank you  (and Lewis) for the amazing work on my son’s bedroom.  He is really pleased with it. He has loads of storage space, a desk to do his homework and a huge wardrobe. I never thought it was possible to get all that in such a small room.
You’ve done a really professional job, I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone else needing bespoke furniture.

Thank you so much, especially since it went against your footballing principles to do a red bedroom!


So, in spite of the colour involved we were able to get the cabin bed installed with a desk and wardrobe without too much fuss and to the satisfaction of the customer as the above Testimonial states.