Follow Us As We Design & Build A Cabin Bed Over Stairs Bulkhead 


This job was a standard design and construction of a cabin bed over stairs bulkhead. This was in a small box-room with an existing stairs bulkhead impacting on the available floor space of this already small bedroom. As well as providing the customer with a cabin bed over stairs bulkhead we were also able to design in to the project a small hanging wardrobe.

We are often asked to provide storage solutions in small spaces. These can be under stairs storage, under eaves storage and most frequently in small bedrooms, especially box rooms. Our aim is to enable you to “use that space” wherever it might be in your house.

The Problem Of The Stairs Bulkhead


There are many houses throughout the land where the stairs bulkhead takes up floor space in the room above the stairs. This is often in the smallest of the bedrooms, commonly referred to as the box-room or the box bedroom. Essential floor space is taken up and normal free-standing bedroom furniture is pretty much useless in such circumstances.



We have found that building a cabin bed over the stairs bulkhead is the ideal solution. It ensures we make the best possible use of the space available. We have done numerous projects like this over the years and have become the experts when it comes to building a cabin bed over stairs bulkheads. Please contact us if you would like us to discuss the stairs bulkhead problems you may be experiencing in one of your bedrooms.

Building The Cabin Bed And Wardrobe


We started the job by removing the bulk head that was, in reality, a bit of an eyesore in this small box room. The bulkhead was made from breeze block which proved to be quite a testing task to remove. We did this by using masonry chisels and a lump hammer. After removing this we could clean up all the mess and rubble before commencing the building work.

We then started to build the wardrobe that would be covering the bulkhead. This was done by measuring the size of the bulkhead and cutting it out of the back of the wardrobe so it would slide back into place perfectly. We then fixed this securely using battens on the walls ensuring that it is level.

Next, we then started to construct the bed frame. This was made up of a 2-drawer chest and a front framed system that would give the customer access to under the bed base. Meaning we could provide additional storage space in this small box-room. A massive bonus for the customer. It is always good to be able to maximises cupboard space. After these were fixed into place we used lengths of timber to strengthen the bed frame so it was safe.



We then scribe the bed base to the walls which gave it the perfect finish and sat level on top of the bed frame. It was all screwed down so there was no movement.

We completed the job by scribing and cutting the infills that would surround the wardrobe giving it a high-quality finish. Then, finally, we hung the doors and fitted the handles which finished the job off nicely.

This gave us another satisfied customer thanking us for providing them with a cabin bed over stairs bulkhead and an additional wardrobe as well as extra storage space under the cabin bed.