Becky, otherwise known as Miss H from Derby, called us in because the bedroom (Photo 1) was pretty useless as a sleeping space. As you can see it was being used to deposit various items that hadn’t been allocated a home! It was small and as a result she couldn’t get a full-size bed in there with any kind of storage at all. The question was – could we fit a cabin bed with drawers for added storage? It would have to be built to specific measurements and there was a bit of “grunt” work involved. We’ll get onto that later……

small bedroom

Photo 1 Before We Get Started

Originally Miss H got the idea for the cabin bed with drawers after an internet search took her to our modest little web site. After looking at the case studies of the Small Box Room Cabin Bed and the Cabin Bedroom Fitted Furniture on our web site she realised what would be possible in her small bedroom. She was able to easily contact us through our “Contact Us ” page with the basic details of her requirements.

We got back in touch with her and started the process.  It was all very straight forward and after a few emails with photos and dimensions flying through the ether we came up with the CAD image – see below:- Becky and her fella agreed we should take it on and we duly arrived in Derby with our cold chisel and lump hammer and got to work.

CAD Cabin Bed With Drawers

CAD Cabin Bed With Drawers

The Agreed Specifications For The Cabin Bed With Drawers


Using an Autumn Plum MFC PVC edged board for the furniture with matching doors and a chrome bow handle we are to supply and install the following fitted furniture:-

1 x Cabin bed arrangement – consisting of:-

1 x 2 drawer chest
1 x double base cabinet
1 x bed base and supporting framework
1 x replacement door to existing cupboard

The image above is for representative purposes and may not be exactly the same, particularly on the colour match and handles.

“A Serious Brick Bulkhead – Demolition Required”

As bulkheads go this is the Arnold Schwarzyneg I mean Schwotsineg oh you know the big hard Mr Universe film star guy who used to be in charge of California!! That’s it Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Look at Photo 1 and you can see it’s a big bulkhead, we start to dismantle it and it’s made of brick!! Actually not many are, anyway the bigger they are the harder they fall and this was no exception. I can vouch for that with the bruise on my shin after a brick fell on it.

Work Starts with A Lump Hammer

Photo 2 Work Starts with A Lump Hammer

Hard work on cabin bed

Photo 3 Even More Hard Work

Having got it down and out we had to ensure the wooden beam left was supporting the upper side section of the existing cupboard as when the house was built they had just stuck a couple of bricks in there. We replaced these with proper triangular timber supports and moved on  to the next stage of making the cabin bed proper.
That’s Lewis in Photo 4, I did get him a good belt for his trousers but apparently it’s the fashion to show your boxers!!

more work on cabin bed

Photo 4 Lewis With Tomorrows Dirty Washing On View!

Moving on in this stage we’ve put the drawers in and levelled them up so this is our level base from which to build the bed frame. We build the bed frame and put in the front frame (Photo 5) for the cabinet over the front of the bulkhead as if it was never there. Although my shin most definitely knows it was!!

Cabin Bed With Drawers Taking Shape

Photo 5 The Cabin Bed With Drawers Taking Shape

Then to finish off and get everything spick & span (Photo 6) ready for inspection and testing.

Cabin Bed With Drawers Ready For Inspection

Photo 6 Cabin Bed With Drawers Ready For Inspection

Needless to say it passed inspection and testing by Becky and her fella, with flying colours, Autumn Plum colours to be exact.

Cabin Bed With Drawers All Tested and Inspected

Photo 7 Cabin Bed With Drawers All Tested and Inspected

Another pair of very happy customers. The proud owners of a brand new cabin bed with drawers for their small bulkhead bedroom. If you want us to do the same for you just get in touch through the “Contact Us” page like Becky did and we will get back to you. We look forward to hearing from you….
After we left Becky sent us some more photos and a very nice testimonial you can read here.
cabin bed with drawers completed and made up

cabin bed made up
I have published the photos so you can get  a good feel for what we achieved with the design and installation of the cabin bed with drawers.