The customer Mr & Mrs H from Stockport contacted us to build a fitted bedroom for their 5 year old son.  The challenge in the room was to hide a triangular stairs bulkhead and get some good storage in the room and a desk for this budding student.

The Photo (Cabin Bed 1) shows the room empty with the bulkhead as an eyesore in the corner of the room taking up valuable floor space.  My job is to adapt our made to measure fitted furniture to utilise that floor space and hide the bulkhead.  We will build over the bulkhead and put a bed there. By doing this we pull the bed up the room and now we can build a wardrobe at the foot of the bed. The design can now incorporate the other requirements from the customer:

stairs bulkhead in Cabin Bedroom Fitted Furniture

Cabin Bed 1


  •      some drawers under the bed
  •      cabinets both under and over the bed
  •      a bookcase at one end of the bed
  •      a wardrobe at the end of the bed
  •      a desk

This needs to be made quite shallow in-depth as the room isn’t too wide, but again, because we make every individual piece of furniture for our customer we can build shallow depth drawers where required.  After some discussion with Mr & Mrs H they picked the finish and handles and instructed us to do the job.

The final specifications for the bespoke preparation of the cabin bedroom fitted furniture were as follows:

  • 1 x double wardrobe – adjacent to window wall
  • 2 x bridging units – above bed
  • 1 x cabin bed construction
  • 1 x 2 drawer chest under cabin bed
  • 1 x 2 door cupboard under cabin bed
  • 1 x open shelf unit over stairs bulkhead
  • 1 x desktop
  • 2 x 3 drawer chests linking desktop

A brew is always welcome on arrival at any job and chocolate hob nobs are a proper bonus!  Would you believe it – as we were offloading all the product for Mr & Mrs H the lady of the house provided us with a welcome brew and the said delicious biscuits. What a start to the build!

As you can see from the image attached we then got on with the installation starting at the entrance door end of the bedroom.  We began building the cabin bed around the stairs bulkhead.  The objective here was to use the shelf at the end of the bed stepping up to the bookcase to set the height of the bed.  The height is important for 3 main reasons; firstly the cabin bed and bookcase must hide the bulkhead, secondly the boy whose bedroom it is, needs to be able to jump into bed relatively easily without being an Olympic high jump prospect, and finally the cabin bed itself needs a good amount of storage underneath.

work in progress on Cabin Bedroom Fitted Furniture

Cabin Bed 2

Cabin Bedroom Fitted Furniture the cabin bed

Cabin Bed 3


These criteria were all built-in at the design stage and the relevant pre-made panels and cabinets fitted together to provide the cabin bed as the images show, (Cabin Bed 2 & Cabin Bed 3).  Mrs H kept us supplied with various beverages and snacks throughout the installation and by the end of our days work we had the cabin bed, bookcase and bridge units up. The following day we completed the wardrobe and desk and started to add the doors and handles.  The third day saw us finish the doors, handles and caulking the joints between walls and ceiling resulting in another happy customer.


Cabin Bedroom Fitted Furniture another view

Cabin Bed 4

Cabin Bedroom Fitted Furniture final view

Cabin Bed 5


Final images(Cabin Bed 4 & Cabin Bed 5) show a job well done. Needless to say the boy was delighted with his new cabin bedroom.