Built In Wardrobe With Dressing Table And Internal Drawers


Two Built In Wardrobes In The Same Bedroom 

This job was to fit a built in wardrobe with dressing table and internal drawers in the master bedroom. Additionally, we fitted a built in wardrobe with drawers to a further wall in the bedroom. Clearly another big job for us at Real Room Designs. Just what we love to do!

Our first job in Church Stretton was to remove the existing fitted wardrobes that had been in there 20 years. These came out relatively easily, apart from around the top where it was built into the plasterboard and cornice. We had to remove these bits carefully without damaging the paintwork.

Built In Wardrobes With Internal Drawers And Hanging Space

To start fitting the built in wardrobes we had to build all the carcasses before adding all the internals. These internals included shelving hanging spaces and internal drawers. We achieved this by making sure that all the bases were level before connecting the back and sides and then finally adding the top. Then we put this first set of built in wardrobes into place. We were careful to ensure that we made them level. Then we screwed them to battens we had put in place to make sure they were fixed securely.

Built In Wardrobe With Dressing Table And Internal Drawers

The next job was to complete the same set of processes for the main built in wardrobe with dressing table and internal drawers located on one of the other walls in the bedroom. These were fixed in place after ensuring they were level. This run of built in wardrobes was broken up by a set of drawers and a bridging unit in the middle with a folding mirror on the drawer top to act as a dressing table.

Next, it was time to cut and scribe the surrounds and infills. This was done by using a scribing tool. The correct use of which gives you the contouring and shape of the wall giving the best possible finish.

Finally, we had to fit the Vinyl wrapped MDF doors and handles on the wardrobes, bridging units and drawers.

This job showcased the expertise and technical abilities of our fitters at Real Room Designs. A combination of functional and innovative design, incorporating the clients wishes, followed by professional fitting, is just what the customer wanted. The completion of the task of providing a built in wardrobe with dressing table and internal drawers on one wall and a built in wardrobe with internal drawers and hanging space on another wall was completed with a minimum of disruption for the customer.


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Corner Wardrobe And Single Wardrobe With Internal Drawers As Well As A Cabin Bed In The Box Room

This project gave us the opportunity to design and subsequently build a corner wardrobe and single wardrobe with internal drawers as well as a cabin bed in the box room. It is not often we get to do multiple rooms in a house all at the same time. This arrangement had many benefits for both the customer and ourselves.

The Corner Wardrobe


We started the job by building the corner wardrobe. This was done by putting the legs into place on the base, then fixing the sides and the back and then finally the top. Next, we fixed the internals which consisted of a division and 4 shelves with hanging space between.



The Single Wardrobe


Next, we had to build the single wardrobe. This was done in the same way as for the corner wardrobe but with a different internal setup. This single wardrobe had an internal drawer chest and two top shelves. These had to be fitted securely and level.



After the wardrobes were fixed together we fixed them to the wall securely. It was then time to scribe and cut the end panels which would sit on either end of the wardrobe hiding all the screw holes and fixings. Next, we cut the top and bottom infills which finished the job nicely. Finally, we had to fit the doors and the chrome bow handles.

The Cabin Bed


Our next job was to fit a cabin bed in the children’s bedroom which was situated over the stairs. We started by fixing the two sets of drawers which would give extra storage capacity in this small bedroom. Additionally, these drawers served to act as the main support for the bed base. We also fitter a 3 x 2 timber batten across the wall which would also support the bed. Next, we put the headboard and foot-board into place and fixed them securely to their respective walls.  We then fitted the bed base securely so it would not move. The customer wanted a back shelf on the bed base, we fitted this to a batten on the wall.





So, there we have it – a corner wardrobe and single wardrobe with internal drawers as well as a cabin bed in the box room with drawer units beneath the cabin bed. All done for the customer while she was at work. No fuss, no mess just a job well done.


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Small Box Room Gets Makeover With Cabin Bed, Bridging Units And Desk


This was a complex operation to fit a cabin bed, bridging units and desk with underneath drawers into a very small box room. This makeover took some organising and precise measuring. Our job at Real Room Designs is to listen carefully to our customer’s wishes and desires for their rooms. We can then set out a design with the agreement of the customer incorporating all their requests.



In this commission, we had to build a bespoke cabin bed in a very small box room that had a stairs bulkhead protruding into the room and reducing the available floor space. Additionally, the customer asked for plenty of storage space. This was achieved by utilising the void beneath the cabin bed. We also put up bridging units in an L-shaped format to give as much storage capacity above the cabin bed as possible. We then built a wardrobe and then fitted a desk with underneath drawers. All in all, we were able to fit a lot into a small space.

But That Is What We Do At Real Room Designs


The job was a small box room with a stairs bulkhead in Nottingham. Firstly, we had to remove the bulkhead that was made of breeze block. This made the job that little bit tougher. However, we managed to remove this within an hour of us arriving which meant we could start fitting the bedroom furniture.

The Wardrobe


To start the building works we built the wardrobe over the bulkhead. This was set up as long hanging with a top & bottom shelf. To put the wardrobe together we had to cut out the angle that was left from the stairs bulkhead then slide it back into place and fix securely to the wall.

The Bridging Units


The next job was to put up the three bridging units from wall to wall above where the cabin bed would be built. These consisted of an L-Shaped corner unit, a double and then a single unit which all contained middle shelves that were removeable if needed for extra space.



The Cabin Bed


Next, we constructed the bed frame which started by putting the drawers and the framed cabinet in place ensuring that it was all level. To make the bed frame safe and secure we strengthened it with pieces of 3 x 2 wood and heavy duty L-shaped brackets.



The Desk With Underneath Drawers


The final job was to fit a desk with underneath drawers and a book shelf above. This was completed by fixing them to walls in multiple place to give it maximum security. Then the desk top was scribed to the walls to give it that perfect finished. Finally, we hung the wardrobe door and fitted the handles and the job was complete.

It just goes to show what you can fit into a small space. I hope we have demonstrated what is possible when a small box room gets a makeover with cabin bed, bridging units and desk with underneath drawers.




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Sliding Wardrobes With Matching Dressing Table And Bedside Drawers

Installing Sliding Wardrobes With Matching Dressing Table And Bedside Drawers


For once we get to work on a large main bedroom instead of the usual small box bedrooms. So, installing sliding wardrobes with matching dressing table and bedside drawers was a great challenge for us at Real Room Designs. And we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Mrs B is another one of our repeat customers and we have done a number of jobs at her home. Starting with small fitted wardrobes to eventually doing a large open plan kitchen for her.

However, this job started off in a new addition to her house where she has just had an extension built. Along with a new master bedroom she wanted a new modern sliding wardrobes to match.



Firstly, we started in the corner and worked out towards the window with a frame style interior for the wardrobes. This maximises all of the space as there is no need for infils.


Once one side of the internals was complete it was fairly straight forward from there as we could build away from them to complete the other two sliding wardrobes. We then fronted the internals with a top and base track where the doors could be hung.

This job took -5 days to be completed and was finished in a stone grey decor complete with mirrored and blue frosted sliding doors.


Although this was a fairly big job we didn’t really come across many problems along the way. A happy and satisfied customer with new sliding wardrobes with matching dressing table and bedside drawers is just what we wanted.


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Building A Wardrobe Over A Stairs Bulkhead

What Is A Stairs Bulkhead?

The stairs bulkhead is something we have to deal with on a regular basis and building a wardrobe over a stairs bulkhead is becoming a regular occurrence for us. What is a stairs bulkhead you might be asking? Well it is the part of the stairs that protrude into the room above. Usually a bedroom. The result of this protrusion is to markedly reduce the available floor space in the bedroom. It will then often restrict the amount of and placement of the bedroom furniture. Not an ideal scenario.

One fix for this problem is to build a wardrobe over a stairs bulkhead in the bedroom. This makes the best use of the space and also hides the ugly stairs bulkhead from view. If you look at the two images you can see the stairs bulkhead in this particular example.

A Brief History Of The Wardrobe!

So, Real Room Designs was tasked with finding a solution to the problems of storing clothes efficiently by providing hanging spaces with built in shelves and drawers – a wardrobe!

The history behind the modern day wardrobe is that it is a form of standing closet or some people may describe it as a type hanging cupboard to literally retain the king’s robes.

The word we now understand to be a wardrobe first became commonly used in the English language during the 14th century. It has its origins in ancient French language words “warderobe, wardereube and garderobe”. The “warder” bit meant “to keep, to guard” and “robe” obviously is associated with what we now know as “garments or clothing”.

The history lesson over, let’s get back to the task in hand!

A Tricky L-Shape Wardrobe Over A Stairs Bulkhead

This job however was a little bit different than our usual solution to this tricky problem of building a wardrobe over a stairs bulkhead. Mr and Mrs M wanted to use this space in the bedroom to fit a round the corner L-shaped wardrobe alongside a double wardrobe to maximise the full use of the alcove.

Firstly, we started by building the wardrobe carcasses. However, we had to measure up the L-shape wardrobe for the stairs bulkhead and cut out a small triangular section to be able to slide the L-shape wardrobe straight in over the stairs bulkhead and hide it with a covering panel.

The rest of the job was a lot more straight forward with the double wardrobe and the internals going in quite easily. Also we had to ensure that there was an infill next to the internal drawers so they would open past the doors and give full access. We then hung the doors and handles to complete the job.

This job took 1 full day including delivery and installation and was completed with the cabinetry done in a Limed Oak finish and the doors a White Textured décor. Building a wardrobe over a stairs bulkhead is no big deal for us at RRD even as with this case when the customer wanted an L-shaped wardrobe.

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High Sleeper Bed With Desk And Wardrobe

The Concept Of A High Sleeper Bed With Desk And Wardrobe As Well As Lots Of Other Useful Stuff!


This rather interesting project involved the design and installation of a high sleeper bed with desk and wardrobe. Additionally, we were able to incorporate a 4 drawer chest unit, open storage shelves and an open bookshelf to compliment the desk unit. As if that wasn’t enough, we designed into the project a single wardrobe complete with shelf and pull out hanging rail. All this was accomplished in a relatively small box bedroom.

The Customer Knows What He Wants


Mr H knew exactly what he wanted and that was to use his small box room to its full potential. He not only wanted to incorporate plenty of floor space for his son, but also he needed to make the best use of the storage space the innovative design would provide for. Ultimately he wanted somewhere neat, tidy and inspirational for his son to do his homework.

Mr H was very different to many of our usual customers as he already had the layout of the furniture inside his own head. As an engineer himself, he was able to picture exactly what he wanted to achieve in his son’s small box room. So from the very start of the project we knew exactly what he wanted and also how he wanted it building. This was actually a great advantage as the design stage was pretty much done and dusted for us. However, to then turn this into an actual fitted furniture project was the tricky part.

The High Sleeper Requires Careful Planning


The most important part of this job, because of it being a high sleeper, was too ensure that the bed was able to take the weight of a sleeping person and be fully supported. Not only now, but in the future when Mr and Mrs H’s son gets older and more importantly bigger.

To do this we sourced three full length angled steel supports to fit inside what would effectively be the bed bases. This then sat on top of four corner post supports that were hidden in the void behind both open shelf units.

Another difficulty we faced on this job, was the electrics!  Like in most small box rooms this one only had a single plug socket and this was located awkwardly on the old bulkhead. So when we came to build the new desk with a kick board covering the stairs bulkhead we had to move the electrical socket and fix it in the kick board.

This job was complete in Maple Décor with Silver bow handles. The finished box room included the following items of bespoke furniture:

  • Desk unit with open shelf unit
  • Open bookshelf
  • High sleeper bed complete with back shelf
  • A 4 drawer chest unit
  • Single wardrobe complete with shelf and pull out hanging rail



The job took us just 2½ days for the installation process to be fully completed. The finished article achieved plenty of floor space as well as storage capacity, as requested in the client brief. The resultant high sleeper bed with desk and wardrobe was a successful outcome for a rather interesting project.

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4 Door Sliding Wardrobes

Finding the correct solution to storage problems in bedrooms of all sizes is just what we love doing at Real Room Designs. In this project we were asked to solve a storage problem by designing and building 4 door sliding wardrobes.

The 4 Door Sliding Wardrobes Project

Mrs Khan was fed up of her old tired wardrobes that were an eye sore in one of the bedrooms in her house. The old wardrobes ran all the way along one of the walls covering an unused fireplace and chimney.

As well as being an eye sore, these current wardrobes didn’t used the space effectively and the wardrobe doors opened into the room taking up the floor space when open. Thereby reducing the available floors pace in the bedroom.

Mrs K was very interested in getting some ideas for sliding wardrobes. But once she had received some very high priced quotes from various places she put that idea on the back burner and decided to address the problem at some stage in the future.

Eventually Mrs K contacted us at Real Room Designs to see if we could solve the bedroom storage problems she was having with the old wardrobes in her bedroom. With this in mind when we went to see Mrs K with our design and quote we were able to suggested different ways in which she could minimise the cost, but keep the value and also keep the 4 door sliding doors concept, she so badly wanted. We were able to do this by framing out the shelves instead of using a wardrobe carcass like you would see in the majority of fitted wardrobes.

Mr K insisted that the TV was too stay on the wall, because this is where he watches all of the sport matches! This wasn’t a problem we just had to ensure that the 4 door sliding wardrobes and the track came past the TV without disturbing it. We also had to ensure that there would be enough room to see the TV once the doors were opened. This we did and Mr K was able to continue watching his favourite sport programmes.

The installation for this job took two full days, with the removal of the old existing wardrobes included. The new 4 door sliding wardrobe was complete in white textured décor with two of the doors in soft white glass and the other two mirrored.

Another satisfied customer, demonstrating that a little creative design can go a long way. The storage problems solved and costs controlled by using 4 door sliding wardrobes without wardrobe carcasses,

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Building A Fitted Wardrobe In An Alcove

A Very Small Project Building A Fitted Wardrobe In An Alcove For A Soon To Be Small Person

We at Real Room Designs are often called in to solve storage problems

when all else seems to have failed. But don’t despair dear customer we

will always come up with a cost effective and stylish solution. This

project exemplifies the common storage problems we encounter on a

weekly basis. Building a fitted wardrobe in an alcove ticked all the


Mr & Mrs Platt were expecting their first baby, and with this came a few

complications that needed sorting out before he or she arrived. A big

complication was the amount of storage that was available in the soon

to be nursery. Inside the room there was an old chimney breast that

divided one of the walls leaving an alcove on either side.

Experience Says Build A Fitted Wardrobe



From previous experience we suggested building a double wardrobe inside

one of these alcoves to utilise the space to its full potential. By

building from floor to ceiling we managed to use all the space.

Inside the wardrobe Mrs P wanted room for a hanging rail as well as

shelving with a pull out shelf at the bottom so it is easy to access.

This was not a problem, however, the alcove was not deep enough to

accommodate the hanging rail in the usual way. We have in the past,

however, used pull out hanging rails to great effect. These allow for

small alcoves to be used for hanging rails as the rail faces towards you

instead of running across the wardrobe like the conventional way.

Problems Are There To Be Solved!



Also on this job we encountered a small problem with the window ledge,

to maximise the space we manufactured the wardrobe to fill the space

exactly, however in this case the window ledge meant we had to make it a

bit smaller so we could fit it behind the ledge. We then had to set the

side infill back to give a professional finished product.

This job was complete in a Natural Caribbean walnut décor with push to

open doors, the installation took us less than a day from start to

finish. Very little disruption and the job done with the minimum of fuss

for the expectant Mrs P. We were able to demonstrate, yet again, that

innovative design ideas can save the day. Building a fitted wardrobe in

an alcove is such a practical and sensible solution to the forthcoming

storage requirements the family will have.

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Alcove Wardrobe Ideas For Your Bedroom

A Case Study In Alcove Wardrobe Ideas



In this case study we look at how we solved bedroom storage problems by designing and implementing alcove wardrobe ideas into our customer’s bedroom.

Miss H & her partner had recently moved into their first home and were faced with a small storage problem in their master bedroom. The problem being – there wasn’t any!

The room was completely empty and it was a rather large room. There was a chimney breast running through one of the walls which was just off centre, leaving two alcoves either side. One slightly larger than the other. Perfect for fitted wardrobes we said!

Miss H was very keen on having enough space for long hanging dresses and plenty of space for storing her collection of shoes! This was not a problem as in this particular house the ceilings were high enough to accommodate such wardrobes.

So on one side of the chimney breast, Miss H opted for one top shelf, a long hanging
section and then two pull out shelves. This would allow her to pull out when she was selecting a pair of shoes to wear! Mr H was just like the rest of us blokes,” just give me some drawers and a bit of hanging”, so this is what we did.

We incorporated a four drawer chest inside a double wardrobe with hanging above and a top shelf above that on the other side of the chimney breast. The final wardrobe consisted of two top shelves and double hanging underneath which was for both to share (I think we all know Miss H was keeping it all for herself).

Along with the fitted wardrobes Miss H wanted a matching dressing table with drawers and also two matching bedside table with drawers.

This job took between 2-3 days to install, and the only real problem we occurred was an access point for an electrical socket was needed where the wardrobes were being fitted, so we had to cut out a small hole in the side of the wardrobe and then re-edge the board to give a professional finish, and full access to the socket.

This job was completed in Driftwood décor cabinetry with cream gloss doors which satin silverkeyhole handles.


‘’ Brilliant job done at fitting furniture in our bedroom! We are really happy with how it looks and the service that we have received, 5 out of 5 Stars’’

In just a couple of days we were able to create a range of fitted wardrobes along with a dressing table and bedside tables, all matching in design and style. By utilising alcove wardrobe ideas we solved the bedroom storage problems for Miss H.

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Wardrobes In Alcoves

The Concept Of Building Wardrobes In Alcoves


Making full use of space in any room is important. However, fitting purpose built wardrobes in alcoves in the bedroom is a great way to maximise the storage potential. Add in a couple of sets of drawers and the job is done!

Mr. D from Grange-over-Sands in the Lake District came to us with a pair of identical bedrooms where he wanted wardrobes in the alcoves either side of the chimney breast and 2 sets of drawers in front of each one with a desk top.

So the Johnston family Trio of Derek, Elliot & Lewis were sent down to make Mr. D’s dreams come true and we didn’t disappoint. Arriving early on the Monday morning we got straight down to business, after we were supplied with tea, coffee and biscuits. We started by laying dust sheets down through the hall, up the stairs and leading to the bedrooms. This is to ensure that we create as little mess as possible for the customer.



We then started to build the wardrobe carcasses. When this was complete we fitted all the internal shelves in the positions that the customer had requested. After the wardrobes were erected and in place these would be fixed to the walls inside the alcove using wooden batons that we fixed to the wall. This is to stop any movement.

Next we fitted the drawers that would sit in front of the chimney breast between the two wardrobes in both room. This was a difficult task as the floor in both bedrooms was so uneven. This meant that they had to be scribed. They were then fixed into place.



After the wardrobe and drawers were fixed and secure it was then time to cut the infills and end panels to give it the perfect finish. This part is very time consuming as you have to scribe it to the shape of the wall and also picture rails, window sills & skirting boards.



Finally, to finish off the job we had to fit hanging rails & shoe racks in all the wardrobes and also fit the T-bar satin handles, which gave the job the perfect finish. The customer was very happy with the finish and said he wouldn’t hesitate to recommend us:-

“I would highly recommend Real Room Designs to anyone. The initial consultation with Derek was excellent, his advice was invaluable and helped us decide what it was that we really wanted and needed from our bedroom furniture. My initial ideas were listened to and the design Derek helped with was absolutely perfect for our needs. The fitting was superb and the outcome even better than we had expected. The appearance of the wood is beautiful, very classy! Derek, Elliot and Lewis worked really hard and finished way ahead of the stated schedule. The quality of the materials and the finish is excellent and the price for this kind of bespoke work was less than I expected. Thank you for improving our home in such a fantastic way.”


Fitting wardrobes in alcoves helps to solve the storage issues in any size of bedroom – large or small.

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