Under Stairs Drawer Units

side view of new staircase with rail and spindles

Staircase Renovation June 2016

This small task of creating under stairs drawer units was done in conjunction with one of our previous jobs, where we fitted a new stair banister and spindles. Take a look at Staircase Renovation posted on 30th June 2016.

This customer wanted us to put the empty space underneath the stairs to good use as it was currently just collecting dust and ‘stuff’ in general. You know, the kind of ‘stuff’ that you couldn’t really get at once you put it underneath because of the awkward angle of the stairs. They also wanted to colour match the previous job with this one, which is something we get quite regularly and we are more than happy to do as we have over 50 different decors to choose from.

From the wealth of experience we have accumulated from previous similar jobs we had done, we suggested a deep under stairs drawer unit. It would utilise heavy duty drawers runners so it was possible to pull the drawers all the way out and get full access as well as taking advantage of all the space available.

We started by building a frame system underneath the stairs. This was to be able to give us the sides to the drawer units to be able to fix the runners and drawers too. This was as straightforward as it could be. We just had to ensure we matched the angle of our cut with the angle of the stairs to give a good finish.

This job took us just one full day, and the cabinetry we used was a white textured board. The doors however, were made to match the stairs banisters and were done in a white oak finish then stained to match. These drawers were also fitted with a push to open drawer runner so there was no need for any handles.

So, all in all, the under stairs drawer units were a fairly painless procedure for the family amongst all the other work they had going on.


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Building A Wardrobe Over A Stairs Bulkhead

What Is A Stairs Bulkhead?

The stairs bulkhead is something we have to deal with on a regular basis and building a wardrobe over a stairs bulkhead is becoming a regular occurrence for us. What is a stairs bulkhead you might be asking? Well it is the part of the stairs that protrude into the room above. Usually a bedroom. The result of this protrusion is to markedly reduce the available floor space in the bedroom. It will then often restrict the amount of and placement of the bedroom furniture. Not an ideal scenario.

One fix for this problem is to build a wardrobe over a stairs bulkhead in the bedroom. This makes the best use of the space and also hides the ugly stairs bulkhead from view. If you look at the two images you can see the stairs bulkhead in this particular example.

A Brief History Of The Wardrobe!

So, Real Room Designs was tasked with finding a solution to the problems of storing clothes efficiently by providing hanging spaces with built in shelves and drawers – a wardrobe!

The history behind the modern day wardrobe is that it is a form of standing closet or some people may describe it as a type hanging cupboard to literally retain the king’s robes.

The word we now understand to be a wardrobe first became commonly used in the English language during the 14th century. It has its origins in ancient French language words “warderobe, wardereube and garderobe”. The “warder” bit meant “to keep, to guard” and “robe” obviously is associated with what we now know as “garments or clothing”.

The history lesson over, let’s get back to the task in hand!

A Tricky L-Shape Wardrobe Over A Stairs Bulkhead

This job however was a little bit different than our usual solution to this tricky problem of building a wardrobe over a stairs bulkhead. Mr and Mrs M wanted to use this space in the bedroom to fit a round the corner L-shaped wardrobe alongside a double wardrobe to maximise the full use of the alcove.

Firstly, we started by building the wardrobe carcasses. However, we had to measure up the L-shape wardrobe for the stairs bulkhead and cut out a small triangular section to be able to slide the L-shape wardrobe straight in over the stairs bulkhead and hide it with a covering panel.

The rest of the job was a lot more straight forward with the double wardrobe and the internals going in quite easily. Also we had to ensure that there was an infill next to the internal drawers so they would open past the doors and give full access. We then hung the doors and handles to complete the job.

This job took 1 full day including delivery and installation and was completed with the cabinetry done in a Limed Oak finish and the doors a White Textured décor. Building a wardrobe over a stairs bulkhead is no big deal for us at RRD even as with this case when the customer wanted an L-shaped wardrobe.

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TV Unit With Storage Under Stairs


Creating a bespoke TV unit with storage under stairs is just one of the many project we love to tackle here at Real Room Designs. This particular case study took a bit of thinking about and it was important to make sure we incorporated the wishes of the customer. Designing the whole build to neatly fit into the wasted space under the stairs was particularly gratifying.


Mr J Wants A TV Unit With Storage



Mr J was struggling to find any use for an old under stairs cupboard that was located in one of his front rooms. He himself called it ‘’a waste of useful storage space’’.

Mr J gave us a good idea of what he would like doing to this under stairs conundrum. Once we had listened to his requests and surveyed the job, we were able to clearly offer a solution to his storage problems whilst making the optimum use of the wasted space under the stairs. It also had to look good!!!

In essence the brief was to accommodate a big TV and DVD unit along with creating big deep drawers to maximise the deep storage space in the alcove.

Initially we had to remove the existing stud wall. This came out relatively easily with a bit of good old fashioned ‘Controlled’ brute force.


Even The Cat Joins In

Even The Cat Joins In


We decided to keep the frame work as this was structurally sound and in turn saved both ourselves and Mr J a little bit of money. Once the frame was sorted, the rest went together relatively problem free. There were a couple of small hiccups though! One being concealing all of the wiring that’s needed to power all of the electrical appliance that Mr J wanted to install.

Also Mr J wanted to incorporate a 1 metre deep drawer up one side of the unit. Now building these weren’t a problem as such, but finding the suitable drawer runners to be able to take the amount of weight that is needed took a bit of searching. But we did it and these drawers can take up to 120kgs!!



This job took 6-7 days from removing the existing studded wall to putting the final drawer front on.

For even more information about this project have a read of Mr J’s extensive review and testimonial:

“I’d always been frustrated at the wasted space in my front room. One wall had an alcove and the entry to an under stairs cupboard. Unfortunately, because of the way it was built most of the space was useless. Anything in the back of the under stairs cupboard was unreachable without taking everything out. TV and wall units I could find to sit in the alcove without obstructing the door provided very little storage or shelf space.

I had an idea for a large wall unit incorporating as much of the under stairs cupboard as possible. Speaking with Derek, from Real Room Designs, he suggested I draw a sketch of what I wanted and he would do a design for me. Very quickly I had a design for a wall unit that would use all the space in the alcove and as much of the under stairs as possible. I had an idea for the colour pattern I wanted, and the huge range of different finishes allowed me to find exactly what I wanted. I made a small number of changes to the design.

The great thing about a bespoke unit is you can have all the shelves and cupboards the height and width you need them to be rather than having to settle with someone else’s idea of how big a cupboard needs to be. A few weeks later the build started. This isn’t a kit that is simply bolted together, it’s a bespoke hand built unit. There were a few hiccups along the way but these were dealt with quickly and efficiently by Derek and Paul.

I now have the wall unit that is perfect for what I need. The bespoke build means it is exactly the size, shape and colours I need. Looking at it, you wouldn’t believe it wasn’t an original part of the house. I have four huge 1-metre-deep drawers on runners that will take up to 120kg (264lbs), another smaller drawer perfect for DVDs, six cupboards holding everything from glassware to my home printer, powered up but neatly tucked out of sight. Four areas for ornaments, perfectly sized shelves for my Sky box, home media centre, DVD player, sound bar and, of course, the obligatory 50″ TV. The unit has made a huge difference to storage in the house and is a beautiful addition to my front room.

Thanks to Derek, Paul, Lewis, Nathan & Elliot of Real Room Designs for designing and building this fantastic piece of art for me.”

A job well done. Creating a bespoke TV unit with storage under stairs is done to the complete satisfaction of Mr J.


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Under Stairs Storage Solutions

Some Fine Examples Of Under Stairs Storage And Other Simple Storage Solutions


This post explores the opportunities for turning wasted or dead space into useful storage capacity. Initially we examine the under stairs storage solution for our customer Mr S from Hoylake.  We will also take a quick look at other storage solutions we were able to resolve for Mr S.

The property is a Victorian 3 storey house with many original period features.  The preservation of the Victorian authenticity of the property is paramount in our actions. We have already completed a number of significant projects for Mr S from replacing old dining room cupboard doors to providing under eaves storage solutions.  Added to that we were instrumental in renovating newel posts, spindles and banisters throughout the property.

Under Stairs Before We Get Started!

Under Stairs Before We Get Started!


Mr. S came to us with an under stairs space that he wanted fitting with bespoke furniture all made to measure.  Essentially he wanted the empty space under the stairs fitted out with cupboards so he could store any number of things in an organised and tidy fashion.

Finished Under Stairs Storage Solution

Finished Under Stairs Storage Solution


Here at Real Room Designs we pride ourselves with the ability to accommodated the aspirations of our customers. We got an understanding of the customers exact needs and fitted three angled wardrobes with Victorian styled doors to match the doors throughout the rest of the house.  In addition we were able to configure these cupboards so they could be pulled out to make access to the contents so much easier. The images show the finished under stairs storage solutions both closed and flush with the stairs and pulled out to display the contents.

Under Stairs Storage With Easy Access

Under Stairs Storage With Easy Access

Also we fitted two large drawers for storing shoes and other small objects as well as other storage solutions. Take a look at the series of images:

Shoe Storage At The Foot Of The Stairs

Shoe Storage At The Foot Of The Stairs

New Meter Cupboard With Open Shelves Above

New Meter Cupboard With Open Shelves Above

So there we have it!  Loads of storage solutions concentrating on the under stairs storage solutions.  If you think we can do the same for you the just fill out your details on the Contact Us form.

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Under Eaves Storage Solutions

Can The Space Under The Eaves Be Utilised?


Here we have a simple case study to solve the under eaves storage problems experienced in a typical family home.  The Real Room Designs team were able to come up with a great solution in total sympathy with the age and structure of the house.

Top Floor Bedroom Under Eaves Cupboards During The Construction

Top Floor Bedroom Under Eaves Cupboards Under Construction

Mr. S from Hoylake, amongst a number of other requests which included replacing spindles and banisters, replacing old dining room cupboards and doors and creating under stairs storage, wanted two large open spaces under the eaves at the top of the house making into useful storage areas. Mr S has a period 3 storey Victorian dwelling so it was vital we solved his storage space problems without compromising the integrity of the Victorian surroundings.

Top Floor Bedroom Under Eaves Cupboards Under Construction

Under Eaves Storage Solutions At The Top Of The Stairs Under Construction

The problem essentially was about tidiness!  There was plenty of space under the eaves at the top of the stairs and in a large bedroom to store items, but they were always on view. As such they tended to look untidy and often a bit “random” as the customer put it. Because of the sloping nature of the roof it was very difficult to store things neatly even in boxes or bags. The under eaves storage solution would be to enclose the space with a set of matching opening doors. That way Mr S could just put whatever he wanted in the newly created cupboard space, shut the doors and gaze admiringly at his tidy space!

We started by putting in some new floor boards in the space under the eaves.  We carefully began laying the Oak Style laminate flooring which was finished of with matching beading around the outside. This formed the base of the inside of the under eaves storage space to give a level and clean surface for all the “stuff” the customer was going to put in there.

Under Eaves Cupboards In The Top Floor Bedroom

Under Eaves Cupboards In The Top Floor Bedroom

The next job was all about the cabinetry, to make the framework that would sit flush under the eaves.  By doing it this way it would give the cupboards a much better finish! After the framework was constructed and fixed securely in place, the doors were ready to be fitted. We fitted the doors to the framework with soft close hinges as the customer requested.

Under Eaves Storage Cupboards At The Top Of The Stairs

Under Eaves Storage Cupboards At The Top Of The Stairs

Victorian style doors were chosen by the customer which were in keeping with his Victorian home.  As a result the finished job provided the storage space required concealed behind the doors. In this very straightforward case study Real Room Designs were able to provide under eaves storage solutions to a very satisfied customer.

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Replacing Old Dining Room Cupboard Doors

From Old Dining Room Cupboard Doors To New Cupboard Doors….


Our customer Mr S from Hoylake asked us along to look at the feasibility of replacing some old dining room cupboard doors. We agreed the best way forward in this restoration project was to completely replace the old and tired looking cupboard doors in the dining room with some that were more appropriate.  However, these replacement cupboard doors needed to be just right to enhance the integrity of this period house.

No flat pack, off the shelf, short term fix was contemplated here. Mr S was keen that we preserved the period feel of his dining room whilst improving the access to the storage space in the cupboards themselves. This brief was “right up our street” here at Real Room Designs.  We just love helping our customers to get the most out of their particular situations and circumstances around their home.

Basically Mr S had an old tired looking cupboard in the corner of the dining room of his house. It desperately needed an uplift and a re-think was needed.

Dining Room Cupboard Doors for replacing

The Dining Room Cupboard Doors That Needed Replacing

As you can see from the above image it had moulded plywood panels on the front of the cupboard doors which had been added over the years. We, of course, removed these panelled cupboard doors and then installed replacement cupboard doors which were in sympathy with the rest of the doors on the ground floor.

ground floor doors for matching

An Example Of The Ground Floor Doors We Used for Matching

 beading on internal doors-

The Beading We Were Able To Replicate On The Cupboard Doors

The task of replacing the old dining room cupboard doors was achieved by commissioning bespoke doors matching the old original internal doors.  The images above provide an example of the internal doors we used for the matching process. We were able to replicate the the exact same beading profile.

It now looks original again.

 Replacement Doors On The Dining Room Cupboards

The Replacement Doors On The Dining Room Cupboards

The next job was to put the handles on and the task was completed. Take a look for yourself:

Replacing Old Dining Room Cupboard Doors

See How Replacing Old Dining Room Cupboard Doors Works|

So replacing old dining room cupboard doors really can work for you in your house. Contact Us if you want to find out how we can transform your home.

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Custom Made Bookshelves

Miss C of Prescott called us in to solve an unusual storage problem she was having in her dormer bedroom. She wanted some custom made bookshelves to fit along one wall. The problem was that this wall, being in a dormer bedroom, had a sloping ceiling under the eaves. No stand alone ready made or flat pack product would solve the sloping roof conundrum for Miss C.

Designing Custom Made Bookshelves


We love issues like this at Real Room Designs. Straight away we saw the need for purpose built custom bookshelves. The brief from the client in her own words was – “A large Bookcase or Bookshelves to fill a wall with a sloping ceiling (dormer) with a few occasional doors.” This description was initially accompanied by Image 1 which gave us a bit of a clue regarding the complexity of the design that Miss C was looking for.

wall for bookshelves

Image 1 The Initial Brief

After plenty of measuring had been undertaken for the different sizes of boxes that Miss C wanted to fit into the shelving, a plan was beginning to form. She wanted the shelving to take into account space for CD’s and DVD’s. So finally a design was confirmed as demonstrated by this CAD illustration.

bookshelves illustration

CAD Illustration


Getting The Bookshelves Installed


The next stage was to build it! Fairly obvious really….

First of all we built a frame from wall to wall incorporating a beam in the ceiling. Given there was limited space to work in this was quite a task. By putting a back to the frame we were able to cover a plain wall that had no real use or function. We cut out a hole in the back of the unit (bottom left) so the customer would still be able to use the plug socket.

bookshelves under construction

Image 2 Cabinetry Work


Once we had finished the cabinetry work we scribe infills, cut to the contours of the walls and ceiling and fit these to the cabinetry to make a lovely finish to the built bookshelf units.

finished bookshelves cabinetry

Image 3 The Finished Cabinetry


Finishing Touches


To make these custom made bookshelves a storage area that is both unique and different we used “five push to open” doors. These were all different sizes to enhance the random nature of the design.

bookshelves with doors

Image 4 “Push To Open” Doors – Open


finished bookshelves with doors closed

Image 5 “Push To Open” Doors – Closed

Each individual storage area was made to a specific size tailor made to comply with the customer’s requirements. This project entailed a lot of work for the size of the working area concerned – but what a fantastic result!

We have taken a redundant space in a dormer bedroom that stand alone furniture would never have fit. In the process we have produced great storage in a really cool style. This is another success story for Real Room Designs in designing and installing custom made bookshelves to solve the clients problems.

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Fitted Furniture Storage And Cabinetry

Fitted Furniture Storage And Cabinetry Problems!
We don’t just do bedrooms & kitchens here at Real Room Designs, we also endeavour to solve fitted furniture storage and cabinetry problems!
Here Mrs H asked us to cover up her Meter Area in the hallway.  She wanted a shelf above and a white, flat, flush, glossy appearance on the front of it.
cabinetry & internals

See where the Meter is?

Also she wanted a bathroom cabinet to hold all the bathroom type stuff.  The only problem here was, there was no room in the bathroom to put the cabinet?  Outside in the hallway was a little space on the wall for us to make something suitable.  Again she wanted a shelf above and a white, flat, flush, glossy appearance on the front of it.
Between me and the customer we agreed to frame out the cabinetry so it would then be as shallow as possible and use white gloss flat slab doors with push to open catches (so no handles are required) and this would achieve the look she was after.
finished cabinetry

White, flat, flush, glossy appearance on the front!

You can see the depth of the meters and the brief was to make it as shallow as possible.  So we made a framework that was set just in front of the meters.  The 2 openings were constructed so the all the doors would be even sized and therefore look nice and balanced and we used a continuous top shelf so no joints would be visible on the top of the unit. We also fitted the doors with push to open catches so no handles were required and it looked exactly as the customer wanted.
finished cabinetry

The Finished cabinetry

The bathroom cabinet outside the bathroom was a very similar job.  To determine the depth we actually folded up towels and looked at other packets that were going in the cupboard and planned the internal dimensions from them.  At Real Room Designs we like to get the job right and if this means a bit more time spent making sure we do then so be it.
cabinetry shelves

See – the towels all fit!

As you can see from the image the bathroom or the hall outside the bathroom cabinet did the job perfectly as well. yet another happy customer.
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