Extra Storage Space Under The Eaves

A Case Study In Getting Extra Storage Space Under The Eaves In Your House


Mr and Mrs Harrop were looking for extra storage space under the eaves in both of their spare bedrooms. This is because their grandchildren stay over regularly and they really needed to make use of this hidden and unused extra storage space. Mrs H was particularly keen about having additional storage space for all the toys as well as hanging room for clothes!

Inside both of the spare rooms there was a studded wall running along one side of the room covering the space under the eaves of the house. This was the perfect space to install extra storage, or so we thought from previous experience!

woodwork exposed under eaves

A Tricky Challenge

However, what we thought would be behind the studded wall was different to what was actually behind the wall. Usually in older houses there is pearling running along the top of the eaves to support the roof truces which usually leaves a big open space underneath to work with. But in Mr & Mrs H’s house this wasn’t the case.

Once we removed the studded wall we found more roof truces supporting the existing roof truces.  This limited our options on what we could achieve. We would have to cut round each support individually as the supports cannot be removed because they are a crucial part of the structural integrity of the house.

In the first bedroom Mrs H wanted sliding wardrobes with a big open space behind to be able to store toys and things away that otherwise get left lying around forgotten about. This was simple enough. We framed out the space under the eaves maximising the space, and then in front we built a frame system which would then support the sliding doors.

In the second bedroom, Mrs H wanted wardrobes either side of a double bed which could contain plenty of hanging clothes. This was a little trickier! Once we removed the plasterboard we were able to build a base on the existing floor whereby we could build up from. However, because the existing roof truces weren’t square (TYPICAL ROOFERS!!) it made extra work for us to ensure the wardrobe was square. Once we built the wardrobe we inserted hanging rails either side to maximise the amount of hanging space that was available.

extra storage space under the eaves with hanging rail

During this job we encountered a few extra problems that we had to solve: The removal and repositioning of plug sockets to ensure there was still access to electricity in both rooms. Also where we had removed the plaster when taking out the existing wall create a rough edge against the wardrobes this was easily solved by a quick re-plaster and skim from Toby.

electrics and plaster work on extra storage space under the eaves

So, after much effort, imagination and skilful endeavours we were able to create extra storage space under the eaves in the two bedrooms for Mr and Mrs H.

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Under Eaves Storage Solutions

Can The Space Under The Eaves Be Utilised?


Here we have a simple case study to solve the under eaves storage problems experienced in a typical family home.  The Real Room Designs team were able to come up with a great solution in total sympathy with the age and structure of the house.

Top Floor Bedroom Under Eaves Cupboards During The Construction

Top Floor Bedroom Under Eaves Cupboards Under Construction

Mr. S from Hoylake, amongst a number of other requests which included replacing spindles and banisters, replacing old dining room cupboards and doors and creating under stairs storage, wanted two large open spaces under the eaves at the top of the house making into useful storage areas. Mr S has a period 3 storey Victorian dwelling so it was vital we solved his storage space problems without compromising the integrity of the Victorian surroundings.

Top Floor Bedroom Under Eaves Cupboards Under Construction

Under Eaves Storage Solutions At The Top Of The Stairs Under Construction

The problem essentially was about tidiness!  There was plenty of space under the eaves at the top of the stairs and in a large bedroom to store items, but they were always on view. As such they tended to look untidy and often a bit “random” as the customer put it. Because of the sloping nature of the roof it was very difficult to store things neatly even in boxes or bags. The under eaves storage solution would be to enclose the space with a set of matching opening doors. That way Mr S could just put whatever he wanted in the newly created cupboard space, shut the doors and gaze admiringly at his tidy space!

We started by putting in some new floor boards in the space under the eaves.  We carefully began laying the Oak Style laminate flooring which was finished of with matching beading around the outside. This formed the base of the inside of the under eaves storage space to give a level and clean surface for all the “stuff” the customer was going to put in there.

Under Eaves Cupboards In The Top Floor Bedroom

Under Eaves Cupboards In The Top Floor Bedroom

The next job was all about the cabinetry, to make the framework that would sit flush under the eaves.  By doing it this way it would give the cupboards a much better finish! After the framework was constructed and fixed securely in place, the doors were ready to be fitted. We fitted the doors to the framework with soft close hinges as the customer requested.

Under Eaves Storage Cupboards At The Top Of The Stairs

Under Eaves Storage Cupboards At The Top Of The Stairs

Victorian style doors were chosen by the customer which were in keeping with his Victorian home.  As a result the finished job provided the storage space required concealed behind the doors. In this very straightforward case study Real Room Designs were able to provide under eaves storage solutions to a very satisfied customer.

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Bedroom Wardrobe With Slider | Lights | Internals

How To Fit A Bedroom Wardrobe

Under The Eaves And Utilise

All The Space Available!

As we look at this bedroom you will easily understand why this client wanted to use the space under the eaves for a bedroom wardrobe with slider, lights and internals. However the client also wanted the access into the small loft space to be usable as well! You can see in the image there is a cupboard that had to come out as it was useless for clothes storage.

Bedroom Wardrobe before work starts

Wardrobe Design

We designed a frame system on the front of the eaves which had a walk through long hanging section so our client could access the space behind. This was a good 2 feet/600mm wide and would be used for the storage of cases, boxes or anything the client wanted to hide away from sight! Doing it this way meant the client could also access her loft space relatively easily.

As you can see from the next image we knocked out the stud wall cupboard and made a bit of a mess! We’re pretty good at that but we always tidy up well – we are well-known for that. The plasterer came in next and we made good the walls. We were then left with a stop valve and pipe coming up from the floor. If you look at the next image you can see the new plaster and the box on the floor where we have covered the stop valve and pipework. Although it is now boxed in, it is also easily accessible if required.

Bedroom Wardrobe Requirements

The customer wanted a laminate floor in the wardrobe area so we laid that and got on with building the framed wardrobe storage sections. It was a deep space so we made the wardrobe storage at the front of the eaves. This then gave plenty of space behind for more storage and the all important access to the loft hatch. Whenever we are designing storage we always spend time ascertaining the customer’s specific needs and then make the facilities appropriately. This ensures that all the sections are laid out as efficiently as possible.

Slider, Lights And Internals All In Place

So loads of hard work has gone in to preparing the area, plastering, laying the floor and building the internal storage sections, but the “wow that looks good” only happens at the end when the lights and the doors go on!!

Take a look at the finishing touches such as the lights and the mirrored sliders.  No need for me to type any more because the images say it all.

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