A Project Involving Clever Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms


This case study concentrates on finding solutions to the age old problem of making the best use of the limited amount of space available in small bedrooms. At Real Room Designs we are always striving to implement creative storage ideas for small spaces. In this project our client was pleased to benefit from some clever storage ideas for her two small bedrooms.

Miss S had recently moved into a large static caravan but was faced with one massive problem! There was no internal storage in either of the two bedrooms. One being a master bedroom and the other a small box room.  Miss S wanted creative storage solutions for both of the bedrooms to finally be able to move in to her new home properly.

Designing Creative Storage Solutions


From previous experiences in similar situations we suggested that the best way to find extra storage was to utilise any wasted space that is left above the beds. Sounds a simple and obvious solution, but unfortunately so many people overlook this potential area for additional storage.

Miss S finally decided that she would like a wardrobe and a wall bridging unit in each of the rooms thus maximising the space above the beds. For the master bedroom there would be a double wardrobe because there was sufficient space to design in this capacity. In the small box room we would be able to build a single wardrobe.

Building Clever Bedroom Storage Ideas


As this was a brand new caravan there was no real “dirty work” to be undertaken such as removing existing walls or wardrobes. This meant we could get straight to the build stage and complete the job in just over one day. This was great as Miss S needed the job doing as soon as possible. Don’t forget she was keen to move in.

To start off in each of the bedrooms we built the wardrobes first. This allows us to use the wardrobe as a supporting wall for the bridging unit making the whole unit much stronger. This also allows us to maximise the space available.

The bridging units or top boxes as you might know them were then secured to both the wall and the wardrobes fixing the whole job in place. Shelves were then inserted into each of the bridging units and wardrobes. A hanging rail was also inserted into the double wardrobe in the master bedroom.

The doors for the both the bridging units and the wardrobes were then attached to give this job a classy finish.

Miss S loved her new storage solution and was very happy that she could now finally move into her new home. It just goes to show that clever storage ideas for small bedrooms can work in almost any circumstances.