This project gave us the opportunity to design and subsequently build a corner wardrobe and single wardrobe with internal drawers as well as a cabin bed in the box room. It is not often we get to do multiple rooms in a house all at the same time. This arrangement had many benefits for both the customer and ourselves.

The Corner Wardrobe


We started the job by building the corner wardrobe. This was done by putting the legs into place on the base, then fixing the sides and the back and then finally the top. Next, we fixed the internals which consisted of a division and 4 shelves with hanging space between.



The Single Wardrobe


Next, we had to build the single wardrobe. This was done in the same way as for the corner wardrobe but with a different internal setup. This single wardrobe had an internal drawer chest and two top shelves. These had to be fitted securely and level.



After the wardrobes were fixed together we fixed them to the wall securely. It was then time to scribe and cut the end panels which would sit on either end of the wardrobe hiding all the screw holes and fixings. Next, we cut the top and bottom infills which finished the job nicely. Finally, we had to fit the doors and the chrome bow handles.

The Cabin Bed


Our next job was to fit a cabin bed in the children’s bedroom which was situated over the stairs. We started by fixing the two sets of drawers which would give extra storage capacity in this small bedroom. Additionally, these drawers served to act as the main support for the bed base. We also fitter a 3 x 2 timber batten across the wall which would also support the bed. Next, we put the headboard and foot-board into place and fixed them securely to their respective walls.  We then fitted the bed base securely so it would not move. The customer wanted a back shelf on the bed base, we fitted this to a batten on the wall.





So, there we have it – a corner wardrobe and single wardrobe with internal drawers as well as a cabin bed in the box room with drawer units beneath the cabin bed. All done for the customer while she was at work. No fuss, no mess just a job well done.