Can RRD Achieve A Cost Effective Laminate Flooring Installation?


Another “Feather in the Cap” for the boys at Real Room Designs. Cost effective laminate flooring installation is what we do!

Every now and again we get asked by our customers whether we can install other companies’products such as B&Q, Homebase etc. There tends to be one of two reasons for this. One, because their delivery and installation costs are much higher than ours or Two, because they have used us in the past for other jobs and trust that we will do a better job than someone they haven’t used before.

This Was One Of Those Projects

We were asked by our customer to remove an old carpet and then deliver and install brand new solid bamboo ‘laminate’ flooring. This project also included fitting new underlay and finishing off with beading around the skirting boards.

The removal was fairly straight forward. We just needed to rip out the old worn out carpet/underlay and remove everything until the bare floor boards were showing. Obviously we then disposed of the discarded materials in an appropriate manner. We then ensured all the floor boards were still securely fixed in place
to give us a level surface to lay the new underlay.

With laminate or engineered wood flooring once you have the first row scribed round the door way and skirting board on one side of the room it becomes a fairly easy task so long as you know what you are doing! It was then just a case of sliding the next row up to the next and so on, ensuring there are no gaps, thus making a tight fit. Then once we reached the opposite wall it was a case of again scribing round the skirting
boards ensuring a tight, neat fit.

This job only took one full day; this is however bearing in mind that all of the materials for this job were already waiting on site for us. The only small problem we came across was once we came to put the door back on in was a little too big, scratching along the new laminate floor. This is because laminate/engineered wooden flooring sits 3-4mm higher that carpet. This was only a small problem as we were able to sand this off the bottom of the door to ensure the door closed perfectly.

We have been able to demonstrate that in a short time, less than a day, we were able to provide a cost effective laminate flooring installation for a very satisfied