Fitted Furniture Storage And Cabinetry Problems!
We don’t just do bedrooms & kitchens here at Real Room Designs, we also endeavour to solve fitted furniture storage and cabinetry problems!
Here Mrs H asked us to cover up her Meter Area in the hallway.  She wanted a shelf above and a white, flat, flush, glossy appearance on the front of it.
cabinetry & internals

See where the Meter is?

Also she wanted a bathroom cabinet to hold all the bathroom type stuff.  The only problem here was, there was no room in the bathroom to put the cabinet?  Outside in the hallway was a little space on the wall for us to make something suitable.  Again she wanted a shelf above and a white, flat, flush, glossy appearance on the front of it.
Between me and the customer we agreed to frame out the cabinetry so it would then be as shallow as possible and use white gloss flat slab doors with push to open catches (so no handles are required) and this would achieve the look she was after.
finished cabinetry

White, flat, flush, glossy appearance on the front!

You can see the depth of the meters and the brief was to make it as shallow as possible.  So we made a framework that was set just in front of the meters.  The 2 openings were constructed so the all the doors would be even sized and therefore look nice and balanced and we used a continuous top shelf so no joints would be visible on the top of the unit. We also fitted the doors with push to open catches so no handles were required and it looked exactly as the customer wanted.
finished cabinetry

The Finished cabinetry

The bathroom cabinet outside the bathroom was a very similar job.  To determine the depth we actually folded up towels and looked at other packets that were going in the cupboard and planned the internal dimensions from them.  At Real Room Designs we like to get the job right and if this means a bit more time spent making sure we do then so be it.
cabinetry shelves

See – the towels all fit!

As you can see from the image the bathroom or the hall outside the bathroom cabinet did the job perfectly as well. yet another happy customer.