Follow Us Building A Cabin Bed And Top Box Storage Units

In recent times there has been a marked growth in the demand for bespoke cabin beds usually with additional storage cupboards above. These are commonly described as top box storage units. We at Real Room Designs have been designing and building these types of installations for customers for some time now.

It’s no longer the case of buying “flat pack” furniture units and somehow making them fit into what is usually a pretty small bedroom, traditionally known as a box room. The best and often the most cost effective solutions are the bespoke or made to measure options. The bespoke cabin beds and associated storage cupboard can be hand crafted to fit exactly into the space available, even if this is a small space. We ensure that at the design stage we make use of every available “nook and cranny” to extract the maximum value for any room. High quality craftsmanship ensures a top notch and hard wearing finish for your bedroom furniture, design specifically to your own requirements.

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A Cabin Bed With Top Box Storage For Mrs B From Lancaster

A long journey up to Lancaster to fit a cabin bed with top boxes. When we got there we were greeted with tea and biscuits, a fantastic start to the day. On an editorial note – it appears we are making a bit of a name for ourselves when it comes to tea and biscuits! To make the start of the working day even better Derek had dropped the gear off already. We didn’t even have to walk up lots of stairs with all of the wood! What a result.

So we got set and organised everything in a logical fashion. Planning what’s goes where and how were going to go about doing it, is an important process. It is often hard to work efficiently and tidily in a small room due to the lack of space. So planning is vital.  It also helps to know where everything is, as Derek sometimes hides bits from us! Just to keep us on our toes.

Building The Bespoke Cabin Bed And Top Boxes

We started on the cabin bed initially. To begin the build process of the cabin bed we have to put the drawers in place so we could lay the base on top. When the drawers are properly in we could place the base on and test the stability. So on went Lewis; 15 stones of pure joiner. There was not even a dip or any movement in the base. Next we can start to build the wardrobe, which is up and looking good in no time. Then it’s time to set up the top boxes knowing ( after thorough testing by Lewis ) we could both stand on the base units. This makes it so much easier to finish things off and put the handles on in such a small space. Very little room for step ladders.

cabin bed with top box finished

Cabin Bed, Top Box Storage Units & Wardrobe – All Finished

After we get the cutting and caulking done we have completed the bedroom. Another satisfied customer inspects her made to measure cabin bed and top box storage units.