Made To Measure Wardrobes With Sliding Mirror Doors

Stylish Made To Measure Wardrobes With

Sliding Mirror Doors And Top Box Storage Units

The project for our customer here was to plan and then build made to measure wardrobes with sliding mirror doors with the added advantage of top box storage units. Of course we were well known to this particular customer as we had already completed work in one of her other bedrooms. We were able to talk through the whole project with the client and match her every need!!

Top Box Storage Units

Top Box Storage Units

After finishing off the made to measure cabin bed and top box storage units for her visiting guests, it was time to take on the big challenge of the master bedroom. Mrs. B from Lancaster came to us looking to relive her childhood by finding the same design of sliding mirrored wardrobes that she had when she was younger. At Real Room Designs we love a challenge like that, so we don’t like to disappoint……..

We took to the task of designing the wardrobes with the mirrored doors to Mrs B’s specific requirements. At least to the best of the recollections of her childhood days. Mrs. B decided that she would also like to make full use of her spacious room and specified top boxes to join the two wardrobes together to give it that all in one stylish and elegant fitted bedroom look.

Construction Of The Fitted Wardrobes And Sliding Mirrored Doors

After clearing the bedroom and preparing the space we began the work. The major part of the project was to construct the two framed wardrobe systems. These were to have multiple shelves and hanging rails in compliance with the detailed brief from the client. The frame is fixed securely to the walls so it doesn’t move and the shelves also give it added support and more strength. This will enable the finished structure to take all sorts of sizes, shapes, weights and types of Mrs B’s various belongings.

Next we undertook the task of building the required top boxes to join the two wardrobes together to give it that all in one fitted look Mrs B was looking for. We fixed a baton to the wall where the top boxes sit and we also fixed it to the brick wall with multiple wall plugs and screws to make sure it remains in place and doesn’t move.

After all the carcases were built and fixed into place, we started the process of hanging the doors on the top box storage units. The doors were fitted with our integrated soft close hinges to give them a top quality finish. Then we fixed the handles that the customer has chosen.

Wardrobe With Sliding Mirror Doors

Wardrobe With Sliding Mirror Doors

We then laid the tracks for the sliding mirror doors on the floor of the wardrobe and the roof. These tracks had to be completely level so the doors would slide smoothly. Attention to detail is paramount to ensure a perfect fit.

Top Box And Sliding Mirror Doors

Top Box And Sliding Mirror Doors

The last job of the day was to fit the sliding mirror doors onto the tracks and then to adjust them to make them level and run properly. We added the finishing touches and we have a happy customer. In fact Mrs B gave us a glowing testimonial:

After buying my first flat I realised just how much storage room I was going to need to fit everything in. I had always loved sliding door wardrobes and having lived without a proper mirror in my previous flat for 7 years I couldn’t wait to have sliding mirror door wardrobes for the main bedroom……..Other companies said sliding door wardrobes wouldn’t be possible..However Derek was able to find solutions and create units that maximised storage while also fitting into the space….

So one happy customer with two rooms completed by Real Room Designs. You can read the full text of Mrs B’s testimonial here. It just goes to show that with thorough planning and a determined will to succeed, you can achieve your dream of having a stylish made to measure wardrobes with sliding mirror doors and top box storage units.

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