Installing Sliding Wardrobes With Matching Dressing Table And Bedside Drawers


For once we get to work on a large main bedroom instead of the usual small box bedrooms. So, installing sliding wardrobes with matching dressing table and bedside drawers was a great challenge for us at Real Room Designs. And we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Mrs B is another one of our repeat customers and we have done a number of jobs at her home. Starting with small fitted wardrobes to eventually doing a large open plan kitchen for her.

However, this job started off in a new addition to her house where she has just had an extension built. Along with a new master bedroom she wanted a new modern sliding wardrobes to match.



Firstly, we started in the corner and worked out towards the window with a frame style interior for the wardrobes. This maximises all of the space as there is no need for infils.


Once one side of the internals was complete it was fairly straight forward from there as we could build away from them to complete the other two sliding wardrobes. We then fronted the internals with a top and base track where the doors could be hung.

This job took -5 days to be completed and was finished in a stone grey decor complete with mirrored and blue frosted sliding doors.


Although this was a fairly big job we didn’t really come across many problems along the way. A happy and satisfied customer with new sliding wardrobes with matching dressing table and bedside drawers is just what we wanted.