How We Designed & Installed A Small Box

Room Cabin Bed In A Tiny Space!

This small box room cabin bed is a tiny job when compared to our normal size of installation.  It does however illustrate very well the results that can be obtained from a very small space indeed.

How small is that space for a Small Box Room Cabin Bed

How Small Is That Space?

As you can see from the images attached this is a very small box room with a large rectangular stairs bulkhead protruding into the room. This stairs bulkhead gets in the way of everything when you try to use any form of stand-alone furniture.  The room would only just take a single bed but even then due to the bulkhead the bed was difficult to get in the room.  To compound the problems once the bed was inside, the entrance door would only open wide enough to squeeze through.  As a result the access was really tight, and no other furniture could then fit in the room at all.

This small box room was the third bedroom in this property and our customer wanted to use it as a guest room when people (mainly Grandma) came to stay.  It was totally inadequate for this purpose so we needed to come up with a solution.

We were under a bit of pressure from the client as Grandma was asked to baby-sit on a regular basis so she obviously needed somewhere comfy to stay!

The job was to sort out a comfy bed and some storage.  This was only possible by the use of a made to measure fitted solution.  Even though it was a small installation it was quite a tricky job to do due to the small area we had to work in.  We had it finished in the day though and once the mattress went on you could see it was going to be perfect for Grandma.


Small Box Room Cabin Bed for Grandma

Transformation Complete – Cabin Bed for Grandma!

As you can see from the completed cabin bed image we supported the bed base on the stairs bulkhead and made a double cabinet to go underneath the bed base that provides storage space and support. We also built additional framework underneath the bed base to give further necessary support.  At the side of the bed, on the top of the bulkhead, is a built-in bedside shelf which will take a cuppa in the morning, made for a wonderful Grandma by the grateful Grandchildren!

So now Grandma has a comfortable bed to stay in after she’s had a hard time looking after the kids while Mum & Dad go and enjoy themselves, once again everybody’s happy.

Isn’t it amazing what a simple design and a quality installation can achieve!!

 So That’s It – A Small Box Room Cabin Bed Done!!

Mr Stockton was delighted with the finished room and rated our work as follows:-

5/5 stars

• Quality 5/5 stars

• Value 5/5 stars

• Reliability 5/5 stars


 5 stars out of 5 for quality, value and reliability. This was a 1st class job, happy with all aspects of the job, would not hesitate to use again. Smile