Stairs Bulkhead Problems?

Problems With Stairs Bulkhead!


We are regularly confronted with problems surrounding the positioning of the stairs bulkhead in the bedroom immediately above the stairs. Those of you familiar with the stairs bulkhead problem will know exactly what I am going on about.

stairs bulkhead exposed

The Stairs Bulkhead as it Appears in a Small Box Room


For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about then I will try to explain. In many houses the stairs bulkhead appears on the floor of the bedroom above the stair case. This presents itself as an ugly intrusion into the available floor space of what already might be a small bedroom. In so doing it seriously cuts down the options you will have for the room in question.

stairs bulkhead example

The Stairs Bulkhead Exposed and Ready For The Cabin Bed to be Buily

The stairs bulkhead may be exposed as something jutting out into the room. Or it may have been hidden or boxed in. Sometimes a small cupboard will have been built above it. Whatever the state of the stairs bulkhead intrusion it will mean that your ability to fit in a bed and/or a wardrobe in the bedroom is restricted.


This is where we at Real Room Designs come to your rescue. Our mantra is “Use That Space” even in the smallest of rooms. We can build for you a made to measure fitted cabin bed in that space. The problem stairs bulkhead will be incorporated into the build. In this way there will be no sign of the stairs bulkhead when we have finished. Additionally there will be loads of storage space left under the cabin bed.

Depending upon the configuration of the bedroom, and these are often small box rooms, we might be able to design and build a fitted wardrobe. In some instances we can fit a cabin bed and wardrobe in the space available above the stairs bulkhead.

The above is just one example of the work we have done in a customers small box room. Click on either of the links in the drop down menu to get more information on Wardrobe Over Stairs Bulkhead and Cabin Bed Over Stairs Bulkhead.