Creating a bespoke TV unit with storage under stairs is just one of the many project we love to tackle here at Real Room Designs. This particular case study took a bit of thinking about and it was important to make sure we incorporated the wishes of the customer. Designing the whole build to neatly fit into the wasted space under the stairs was particularly gratifying.


Mr J Wants A TV Unit With Storage



Mr J was struggling to find any use for an old under stairs cupboard that was located in one of his front rooms. He himself called it ‘’a waste of useful storage space’’.

Mr J gave us a good idea of what he would like doing to this under stairs conundrum. Once we had listened to his requests and surveyed the job, we were able to clearly offer a solution to his storage problems whilst making the optimum use of the wasted space under the stairs. It also had to look good!!!

In essence the brief was to accommodate a big TV and DVD unit along with creating big deep drawers to maximise the deep storage space in the alcove.

Initially we had to remove the existing stud wall. This came out relatively easily with a bit of good old fashioned ‘Controlled’ brute force.


Even The Cat Joins In

Even The Cat Joins In


We decided to keep the frame work as this was structurally sound and in turn saved both ourselves and Mr J a little bit of money. Once the frame was sorted, the rest went together relatively problem free. There were a couple of small hiccups though! One being concealing all of the wiring that’s needed to power all of the electrical appliance that Mr J wanted to install.

Also Mr J wanted to incorporate a 1 metre deep drawer up one side of the unit. Now building these weren’t a problem as such, but finding the suitable drawer runners to be able to take the amount of weight that is needed took a bit of searching. But we did it and these drawers can take up to 120kgs!!



This job took 6-7 days from removing the existing studded wall to putting the final drawer front on.

For even more information about this project have a read of Mr J’s extensive review and testimonial:

“I’d always been frustrated at the wasted space in my front room. One wall had an alcove and the entry to an under stairs cupboard. Unfortunately, because of the way it was built most of the space was useless. Anything in the back of the under stairs cupboard was unreachable without taking everything out. TV and wall units I could find to sit in the alcove without obstructing the door provided very little storage or shelf space.

I had an idea for a large wall unit incorporating as much of the under stairs cupboard as possible. Speaking with Derek, from Real Room Designs, he suggested I draw a sketch of what I wanted and he would do a design for me. Very quickly I had a design for a wall unit that would use all the space in the alcove and as much of the under stairs as possible. I had an idea for the colour pattern I wanted, and the huge range of different finishes allowed me to find exactly what I wanted. I made a small number of changes to the design.

The great thing about a bespoke unit is you can have all the shelves and cupboards the height and width you need them to be rather than having to settle with someone else’s idea of how big a cupboard needs to be. A few weeks later the build started. This isn’t a kit that is simply bolted together, it’s a bespoke hand built unit. There were a few hiccups along the way but these were dealt with quickly and efficiently by Derek and Paul.

I now have the wall unit that is perfect for what I need. The bespoke build means it is exactly the size, shape and colours I need. Looking at it, you wouldn’t believe it wasn’t an original part of the house. I have four huge 1-metre-deep drawers on runners that will take up to 120kg (264lbs), another smaller drawer perfect for DVDs, six cupboards holding everything from glassware to my home printer, powered up but neatly tucked out of sight. Four areas for ornaments, perfectly sized shelves for my Sky box, home media centre, DVD player, sound bar and, of course, the obligatory 50″ TV. The unit has made a huge difference to storage in the house and is a beautiful addition to my front room.

Thanks to Derek, Paul, Lewis, Nathan & Elliot of Real Room Designs for designing and building this fantastic piece of art for me.”

A job well done. Creating a bespoke TV unit with storage under stairs is done to the complete satisfaction of Mr J.