The Real Room Designs team are able to demonstrate how, by using an alcove in the bedroom to utilise extra storage space, great things can be achieved. We were keen to make full use of the alcove space to fit a 2 Door Sliding Wardrobe.

Mr & Mrs D had just moved into their new home and were interested in using an empty alcove within their bedroom to build a wardrobe and thereby giving them much needed extra storage space.

Innovative Design Solutions To Create Extra Storage Space

Once we saw the open space in the alcove we suggested the best solution would be a wardrobe with sliding doors. The advantage of using sliding doors is fairly obvious! No doors opening into the bedroom means that the extra storage solution we were suggesting would not take up any space in the bedroom. Opening doors would have impacted on the available space in the bedroom.

extra storage space in alcove

Within the wardrobe, because Mr & Mrs D wanted a section each, we first split the wardrobe by using a division. On one side there were pigeon hole style shelves with two shoe racks underneath and then a big top shelf. On the other side there were two bottom shelves with a hanging rail section and then another big top shelf. This job was completed in Black Textured MFC with matching Black Glass door.

Mrs D also wanted to incorporate a long mirror into her design. So we suggested that we make one of the sliding doors a mirrored door. This not only brightened up the whole room, but also gives the room a much bigger feel.

sliding doors with mirror finish

Usually this sort of job takes anywhere between 1-2 full days depending on any obstacles or unforeseen difficulties we may encounter on the way. For example, as with this job, the floor and walls weren’t level, not even close! This meant we had to first level off the base by running small battens along the floor at one side and then repeating this process on the walls to ensure the whole carcass was square and level.

Mrs D was very pleased with the job and even went as far to leave us a review/testimonial on our Facebook page.

“5 out of 5 – we are really pleased with our fitted wardrobes, Elliot and the team listened to exactly what we wanted and advised us on how to make the most of the space and the end result is fab. Excellent value for money, would definitely recommend to anybody. Thankyou!”

So there it is. With planning and imagination, using an alcove in the bedroom to utilise extra storage space, we achieved the goals set by Mr & Mrs D.