Wardrobe Over The Stairs Bulkhead

Constructing a Wardrobe Over The Stairs Bulkhead


The stairs bulkhead in a bedroom, no matter how small or large that bedroom is, poses a massive storage problem. This problem can be solved by designing and then building a wardrobe over the stairs bulkhead.

The ugly and intrusive stairs bulkhead can be hidden in a bespoke wardrobe, built for the purpose of hiding the stairs bulkhead and maximising the storage space in any given bedroom. No matter how small the bedroom, we can design and build a solution.

On this page we will give you a flavour of some of the jobs we have done where a wardrobe, and sometimes other pieces of furniture, have been built in customer’s bedrooms.

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wardrobe next to cabin bed

You Can just See The Wardrobe Next to the Desk