With the creative use of a built in wardrobe with sliding doors we are able to maximise both the floor space and the wardrobe hanging space in pretty much any bedroom. The staff at Real Room Designs are used to creating extra storage space for their customers.

Mr H had a problem with an unusual shaped bedroom with an awkward alcove where the existing airing cupboard/boiler room cuts into the bedroom. There already existed a set of wardrobes built into the alcove. However, they were out dated and more importantly didn’t use the existing space to its full potential.

The existing wardrobes had three hanging doors which swing into the room. Consequently, these doors did take up a good deal of the floor space when in use. This was especially the case with the position of the bed in the room. This made using the storage a very awkward proposition.

The Solution Is A Wardrobe With Sliding Doors

hanging spaces and shelves before sliding doors are fitted

Shelves and Hanging Space

Our designers at RRD suggested the best option to both maximise the storage and suit the dynamics of the room in the best possible way, would be to install a wardrobe with three sliding doors. The three doors consisting of

  • 1x Full Length Mirrored Glass
  • 2x Metal Grey Full Length Glass
wardrobe sliding door with mirror finish

Sliding Doors

To match the amount of sliding doors, internally we split the wardrobe carcass into three sections. This involved one long shelf across the top and the three sections were as follows

  • 5 Internal pigeon hole type shelves
  • 2 bottom shelves with hanging rail above
  • 2 bottom shelves with hanging rail above

Once we removed the existing wardrobes, we came across a small problem. In the bottom left hand corner of the alcove there was both hot and cold water pipes running through connecting to the boiler cupboard. We then realised that we would have to cut out the carcass of the wardrobe to go over the pipes then build a cover in the matching MFC board.

This whole job took two full days. The existing wardrobe came out relatively easily giving us a good start to the first day, better than we had planned for. The only real problem we encountered was the boiler pipes which was solved reasonably quickly.

Mr H was more than happy to give us a testimonial on our Facebook page:

Elliott and his team helped us design the perfect fitted wardrobe for us. Everything was arranged and the fitting day arrived. The wardrobes were fitted and everything cleaned up afterwards, all the old parts of the wardrobe were taken away. No Fuss Fitting. 
If your looking for a first class craftsman Elliot at Real Room Designs is exactly what your looking for.

The finished wardrobe with sliding doors was, as you can see, very well received by Mr H.