Master Bedroom Wardrobe With Two Sliding Doors


Mr & Mrs C gave us the task of creating extra storage space in their master bedroom by building a new wardrobe with two sliding doors. Although their master bedroom was a good sized room there was a requirement for extra storage capacity without impacting on the available space in the master bedroom.

In their bedroom was a medium sized alcove with a studded wall division. Instead of removing the division altogether we thought the best idea would be to use the division in the design of the new wardrobe with two sliding doors. We were able to incorporate this alcove into the newly built wardrobe.



In this way we were able to save Mr and Mrs C some money by making the best use possible of the existing studded wall.

Mr & Mrs C, well let’s say Mrs C to be more specific, decided that she wanted two sliding doors to be designed into the finished wardrobe. The logic here was that this would allow access to the internal drawers and hangers of the wardrobe without taking up any space in the bedroom with opening doors.

Internally the customers wanted a set of drawers and shelves on each side of the division with double hanging on both sides as well.



The first job was to install the drawers and shelves on each side of the studded wall. The next job was to install a division on each side of the wardrobe. We then came across a small hiccup. On this particular job we noticed that the top shelves on both side of the wardrobe would be hard to access because of the height and proximity to the ceiling. So we decided that the best way to achieve maximum access was to cut the shelves back. Sometimes these problems can only be noticed during the installation process. It is a fact of bespoke furniture design that practical problems present during the installation process. However it turned out to be easily solved. This is just another example of how we can maximise storage space and solve storage solutions.


Our sliding doors can be made to match any of our existing decors and can also incorporate frosted glass, mirrored glass and any of our wood-grain decors.

Mr & Mrs C needed this job completed in one day, this was possible for us….an early start and a late finish, but we were still able to complete the job in one day to ensure the customers were happy. A wardrobe with two sliding doors done in a day!