A Cabin Bed In A Very Small Bedroom

It seems we at Real Room Designs are being asked on an ever-increasing frequency to construct a cabin bed in a very small bedroom. The popularity of this enhancement in small box/bed rooms is an ideal solution to provide a bed and added storage solutions in a small room. The added storage can include drawers and/or cupboards under the cabin bed as well as wardrobes, cabinets, shelving and a desk. It al depends on the customer’s individual requirements.

A Very Small Bed In A Very Big County!

This particular job gave us gave us the fantastic opportunity to take in some of the amazing views of the Yorkshire countryside as we travelled over to Wakefield via snakes pass. It was such a nice change to be driving through such spectacular scenery. The weather was pretty good so it only enhanced the views on offer.

Once we arrived at the job we noticed that in this case, unlike most others cabin bed constructions, the stairs box which covers the stairs bulkhead had to stay in place. This is because in this instance it wasn’t a triangular stairs bulkhead like you may have seen in most our other cabin bed projects we have highlighted on this website. This was due to the layout of the stairs and the rest of the house. Maybe it’s a Yorkshire thing!

This wasn’t a massive problem though. it just meant that the drawers that we had designed to front the stairs box were now going to be in fact false drawer fronts. This is so that it gives the overall impression of a cabin bed with drawers and cupboards whilst still disguising the stairs box and freeing up more floor space inside the already very small bedroom.

This job was straight forward. Starting at the other end of the stairs box we installed a front frame cabinet alongside the false drawer fronts then built backward towards the wall to create a bed frame whereby the bed base could sit. We then installed the bed base along with a small head board at the stairs box end and the job was complete.

In this case the cabin bed was finished in an Ivory décor, complete with matching doors and drawer fronts, finished with satin silver bow handles. It took us just over half a day to complete since this cabin bed construction did not result in any problems along the way.

The customer was certainly very pleased with his new cabin bed in his son’s bedroom, to such an extent he kindly offered us this testimonial:


Hi Derek,

Yes the new bed looks very nice, thank you. 

There is so much room underneath for storage, which is a massive plus. Also the finishing is of high standard and the quality of the bed frame is exceptional. 

All in all, we are very pleased with the bed and our son cant wait to sleep in his new bedroom.

Once again thanks for your time and effort, we would definitely recommend you to friends and family.



So, the customer’s instruction for us to construct a cabin bed in a very small bedroom was a success all round.