A Very Small Project Building A Fitted Wardrobe In An Alcove For A Soon To Be Small Person

We at Real Room Designs are often called in to solve storage problems

when all else seems to have failed. But don’t despair dear customer we

will always come up with a cost effective and stylish solution. This

project exemplifies the common storage problems we encounter on a

weekly basis. Building a fitted wardrobe in an alcove ticked all the


Mr & Mrs Platt were expecting their first baby, and with this came a few

complications that needed sorting out before he or she arrived. A big

complication was the amount of storage that was available in the soon

to be nursery. Inside the room there was an old chimney breast that

divided one of the walls leaving an alcove on either side.

Experience Says Build A Fitted Wardrobe



From previous experience we suggested building a double wardrobe inside

one of these alcoves to utilise the space to its full potential. By

building from floor to ceiling we managed to use all the space.

Inside the wardrobe Mrs P wanted room for a hanging rail as well as

shelving with a pull out shelf at the bottom so it is easy to access.

This was not a problem, however, the alcove was not deep enough to

accommodate the hanging rail in the usual way. We have in the past,

however, used pull out hanging rails to great effect. These allow for

small alcoves to be used for hanging rails as the rail faces towards you

instead of running across the wardrobe like the conventional way.

Problems Are There To Be Solved!



Also on this job we encountered a small problem with the window ledge,

to maximise the space we manufactured the wardrobe to fill the space

exactly, however in this case the window ledge meant we had to make it a

bit smaller so we could fit it behind the ledge. We then had to set the

side infill back to give a professional finished product.

This job was complete in a Natural Caribbean walnut décor with push to

open doors, the installation took us less than a day from start to

finish. Very little disruption and the job done with the minimum of fuss

for the expectant Mrs P. We were able to demonstrate, yet again, that

innovative design ideas can save the day. Building a fitted wardrobe in

an alcove is such a practical and sensible solution to the forthcoming

storage requirements the family will have.