Cabin Bed Over Stairs Bulkhead

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This job was a standard design and construction of a cabin bed over stairs bulkhead. This was in a small box-room with an existing stairs bulkhead impacting on the available floor space of this already small bedroom. As well as providing the customer with a cabin bed over stairs bulkhead we were also able to design in to the project a small hanging wardrobe.

We are often asked to provide storage solutions in small spaces. These can be under stairs storage, under eaves storage and most frequently in small bedrooms, especially box rooms. Our aim is to enable you to “use that space” wherever it might be in your house.

The Problem Of The Stairs Bulkhead


There are many houses throughout the land where the stairs bulkhead takes up floor space in the room above the stairs. This is often in the smallest of the bedrooms, commonly referred to as the box-room or the box bedroom. Essential floor space is taken up and normal free-standing bedroom furniture is pretty much useless in such circumstances.



We have found that building a cabin bed over the stairs bulkhead is the ideal solution. It ensures we make the best possible use of the space available. We have done numerous projects like this over the years and have become the experts when it comes to building a cabin bed over stairs bulkheads. Please contact us if you would like us to discuss the stairs bulkhead problems you may be experiencing in one of your bedrooms.

Building The Cabin Bed And Wardrobe


We started the job by removing the bulk head that was, in reality, a bit of an eyesore in this small box room. The bulkhead was made from breeze block which proved to be quite a testing task to remove. We did this by using masonry chisels and a lump hammer. After removing this we could clean up all the mess and rubble before commencing the building work.

We then started to build the wardrobe that would be covering the bulkhead. This was done by measuring the size of the bulkhead and cutting it out of the back of the wardrobe so it would slide back into place perfectly. We then fixed this securely using battens on the walls ensuring that it is level.

Next, we then started to construct the bed frame. This was made up of a 2-drawer chest and a front framed system that would give the customer access to under the bed base. Meaning we could provide additional storage space in this small box-room. A massive bonus for the customer. It is always good to be able to maximises cupboard space. After these were fixed into place we used lengths of timber to strengthen the bed frame so it was safe.



We then scribe the bed base to the walls which gave it the perfect finish and sat level on top of the bed frame. It was all screwed down so there was no movement.

We completed the job by scribing and cutting the infills that would surround the wardrobe giving it a high-quality finish. Then, finally, we hung the doors and fitted the handles which finished the job off nicely.

This gave us another satisfied customer thanking us for providing them with a cabin bed over stairs bulkhead and an additional wardrobe as well as extra storage space under the cabin bed.


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Corner Wardrobe And Single Wardrobe With Internal Drawers As Well As A Cabin Bed In The Box Room

This project gave us the opportunity to design and subsequently build a corner wardrobe and single wardrobe with internal drawers as well as a cabin bed in the box room. It is not often we get to do multiple rooms in a house all at the same time. This arrangement had many benefits for both the customer and ourselves.

The Corner Wardrobe


We started the job by building the corner wardrobe. This was done by putting the legs into place on the base, then fixing the sides and the back and then finally the top. Next, we fixed the internals which consisted of a division and 4 shelves with hanging space between.



The Single Wardrobe


Next, we had to build the single wardrobe. This was done in the same way as for the corner wardrobe but with a different internal setup. This single wardrobe had an internal drawer chest and two top shelves. These had to be fitted securely and level.



After the wardrobes were fixed together we fixed them to the wall securely. It was then time to scribe and cut the end panels which would sit on either end of the wardrobe hiding all the screw holes and fixings. Next, we cut the top and bottom infills which finished the job nicely. Finally, we had to fit the doors and the chrome bow handles.

The Cabin Bed


Our next job was to fit a cabin bed in the children’s bedroom which was situated over the stairs. We started by fixing the two sets of drawers which would give extra storage capacity in this small bedroom. Additionally, these drawers served to act as the main support for the bed base. We also fitter a 3 x 2 timber batten across the wall which would also support the bed. Next, we put the headboard and foot-board into place and fixed them securely to their respective walls.  We then fitted the bed base securely so it would not move. The customer wanted a back shelf on the bed base, we fitted this to a batten on the wall.





So, there we have it – a corner wardrobe and single wardrobe with internal drawers as well as a cabin bed in the box room with drawer units beneath the cabin bed. All done for the customer while she was at work. No fuss, no mess just a job well done.


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Small Box Room Gets Makeover With Cabin Bed, Bridging Units And Desk


This was a complex operation to fit a cabin bed, bridging units and desk with underneath drawers into a very small box room. This makeover took some organising and precise measuring. Our job at Real Room Designs is to listen carefully to our customer’s wishes and desires for their rooms. We can then set out a design with the agreement of the customer incorporating all their requests.



In this commission, we had to build a bespoke cabin bed in a very small box room that had a stairs bulkhead protruding into the room and reducing the available floor space. Additionally, the customer asked for plenty of storage space. This was achieved by utilising the void beneath the cabin bed. We also put up bridging units in an L-shaped format to give as much storage capacity above the cabin bed as possible. We then built a wardrobe and then fitted a desk with underneath drawers. All in all, we were able to fit a lot into a small space.

But That Is What We Do At Real Room Designs


The job was a small box room with a stairs bulkhead in Nottingham. Firstly, we had to remove the bulkhead that was made of breeze block. This made the job that little bit tougher. However, we managed to remove this within an hour of us arriving which meant we could start fitting the bedroom furniture.

The Wardrobe


To start the building works we built the wardrobe over the bulkhead. This was set up as long hanging with a top & bottom shelf. To put the wardrobe together we had to cut out the angle that was left from the stairs bulkhead then slide it back into place and fix securely to the wall.

The Bridging Units


The next job was to put up the three bridging units from wall to wall above where the cabin bed would be built. These consisted of an L-Shaped corner unit, a double and then a single unit which all contained middle shelves that were removeable if needed for extra space.



The Cabin Bed


Next, we constructed the bed frame which started by putting the drawers and the framed cabinet in place ensuring that it was all level. To make the bed frame safe and secure we strengthened it with pieces of 3 x 2 wood and heavy duty L-shaped brackets.



The Desk With Underneath Drawers


The final job was to fit a desk with underneath drawers and a book shelf above. This was completed by fixing them to walls in multiple place to give it maximum security. Then the desk top was scribed to the walls to give it that perfect finished. Finally, we hung the wardrobe door and fitted the handles and the job was complete.

It just goes to show what you can fit into a small space. I hope we have demonstrated what is possible when a small box room gets a makeover with cabin bed, bridging units and desk with underneath drawers.




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Office Desk And Cabin Bed With Storage Capacity

How To Install An Office Desk And Cabin Bed With Storage Capacity

We are increasingly being asked to provide furniture items such as an office desk, cupboards, drawers, wardrobes and extra storage capacity in general along with our trademark cabin bed. In this instance we were commissioned to provide an office desk and cabin bed with storage capacity.

Mrs and Mr D were looking to make use of what they described as a ‘pretty useless’ box room. They were currently using it as a small storage room for anything and everything. Mr D particularly wanted to incorporate a small office space into the box room whilst Mrs D also wanted to incorporate a spare bed and storage just in case any of their daughters’ friends stayed over.

Using this information, we went away and put our designs down for Mr & Mrs D to take a look at. After all this is what we do at Real Room Designs. We have become the ‘go to’ experts for cabin beds and associated furniture. So, after a few changes and deciding on what colours to use we were all set to go.

This job was fairly straight forward as the room was empty to start with. So we started by building an open book shelf that Mr D wanted to store all his work files. Then working towards the window, we started with a set of drawers, then the two-door cabinet.

On top of both the drawers and two door cabinet we fitted a bed base. This give both a functional bed as well as underneath storage making sure we maximised the amount of storage space available in the room.

The final job was then to build out from the bed towards the adjacent wall to create a working desk with space for an office chair and room underneath for a small printer.

This job took us just under 2 days from start to finish, and was uncomplicated for once. We didn’t encounter any major hiccups. It was completed in a white textured finish with push to open doors.


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Cabin Bed Complete With Corner Wardrobe And Open Shelf TV Unit

See how we are able to create a cabin bed complete with corner wardrobe and open shelf TV unit in just a few days.

Cabin Bed Solution For A Son’s Bedroom

Mr & Mrs H were looking for a simple storage solution to their son’s bedroom where he could fit a single bed (cabin bed) along with some open shelves as well as some wardrobe space. However, due to the layout of the room it wold be very difficult to use standard sized furniture to accomplish this. Mr H first found us through our Facebook page and saw some pictures of other jobs we have done like the problem he was having here in his son’s bedroom.

Ideas For A Cabin Bed Complete With Corner

Wardrobe And Open Shelf TV Unit

Once we finally got down to It, we decided it would be best to build a cabin bed underneath the window. We could then work around the room with an open shelf TV unit complete with different sized open shelves, also accommodating a TV bracket in the centre. We then carried on round with a chest of drawers with a pull-out desk on top then finally the corner wardrobes. Mr H and more importantly his son was happy with our ideas so we went ahead.

Getting Ready For The Cabin Bed And Other Furniture

This job started with the removal of the old furniture which was straight forward and presented no issues at this point. Then we started with the installation process starting at the door we worked around from the corner wardrobe to the cabin bed and then the open shelf unit was the last to go in.

This job was complete in a walnut finish with small ivory doors on the open shelf unit to contrast, it took around 3 days to complete. Handle finish was satin silver bow.

Mr and Mrs H had already used us to create a TV unit with under stairs storage units and were more than happy to provide the following testimonial:

A few words for your website….

We also commissioned Derek and the real room designs guys to re-work my sons
bedroom to give him a stylish room with all the storage and features a
teenager would need. The end result is incredible, its all in the details
and quality of workmanship. My son has a wall of cupboards, drawers and
shelves for all his books, games, dvds and trophies as well as his TV unit. A
corner wardrobe and a built-in bed unit with even more storage. My son,
husband and I couldn’t be happier with the result. It looks stunning. My son
lives the life of Riley playing Xbox, watching TV and even has a pull out
desk where he can do his homework. I couldn’t recommend Real Room Designs
more highly. Derek has a knack for getting the most out of every inch of
space. We’re already planning our third project with the team, our master
bedroom, and I can’t wait!

Thanks for everything,
Cheryl and Steven H.

So, there we have it, a cabin bed complete with corner wardrobe and open shelf TV for our happy customer.


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Cabin Bed Installed With A Desk And Wardrobe

See How We Get A Cabin Bed Installed With A Desk And Wardrobe


This job, a cabin bed installed with a desk and wardrobe, was a little bit different to any others we have done, for two reasons. The first being that the box room we were working in was spacious and had a lot more room than the ones we usually work in. The other was that the stand out colour for the doors, chosen by Mrs W’s son, an avid Liverpool fan, was red, which Derek (an avid Everton fan) was happy to fit.

Due to the amount of space available in this box room, we suggested that not only to have a cabin bed installed complete with top boxes and open shelf on one side of the room (over the stairs bulkhead) but to also install a working desk and wardrobe opposite on the other side of the room. This would maximise the amount of storage available as well as allowing space for the Liverpool fan to do his homework.



With this job, we started with the cabin bed, by firstly removing the old stairs bulkhead and then building out from the open shelf unit behind the headboard. We then put the top boxes up above the cabin bed before moving across to the other side of the room and building the single wardrobe and working out towards the window with the desk top and underneath units.



This job was complete with a white textured décor and red doors with a satin silver bow handle. It took 3 days with a couple of problems occurring along the way. One issue was one that we get a lot of, because we are removing old fitted furniture or stairs bulkheads. We sometimes disturb the plaster so often we must get the plasterer in just to touch up and feather in some more plaster. The other issue we encountered was that once we hung the single wardrobe door we noticed that the door was damaged with a small scratch on the front. Sometimes this can happen at the factory, or on route whilst it’s in transit, however, we let the customer know and got a replacement door pretty much straight away.



Hi Derek 
Thank you  (and Lewis) for the amazing work on my son’s bedroom.  He is really pleased with it. He has loads of storage space, a desk to do his homework and a huge wardrobe. I never thought it was possible to get all that in such a small room.
You’ve done a really professional job, I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone else needing bespoke furniture.

Thank you so much, especially since it went against your footballing principles to do a red bedroom!


So, in spite of the colour involved we were able to get the cabin bed installed with a desk and wardrobe without too much fuss and to the satisfaction of the customer as the above Testimonial states.



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We Construct A Cabin Bed In A Very Small Bedroom

A Cabin Bed In A Very Small Bedroom

It seems we at Real Room Designs are being asked on an ever-increasing frequency to construct a cabin bed in a very small bedroom. The popularity of this enhancement in small box/bed rooms is an ideal solution to provide a bed and added storage solutions in a small room. The added storage can include drawers and/or cupboards under the cabin bed as well as wardrobes, cabinets, shelving and a desk. It al depends on the customer’s individual requirements.

A Very Small Bed In A Very Big County!

This particular job gave us gave us the fantastic opportunity to take in some of the amazing views of the Yorkshire countryside as we travelled over to Wakefield via snakes pass. It was such a nice change to be driving through such spectacular scenery. The weather was pretty good so it only enhanced the views on offer.

Once we arrived at the job we noticed that in this case, unlike most others cabin bed constructions, the stairs box which covers the stairs bulkhead had to stay in place. This is because in this instance it wasn’t a triangular stairs bulkhead like you may have seen in most our other cabin bed projects we have highlighted on this website. This was due to the layout of the stairs and the rest of the house. Maybe it’s a Yorkshire thing!

This wasn’t a massive problem though. it just meant that the drawers that we had designed to front the stairs box were now going to be in fact false drawer fronts. This is so that it gives the overall impression of a cabin bed with drawers and cupboards whilst still disguising the stairs box and freeing up more floor space inside the already very small bedroom.

This job was straight forward. Starting at the other end of the stairs box we installed a front frame cabinet alongside the false drawer fronts then built backward towards the wall to create a bed frame whereby the bed base could sit. We then installed the bed base along with a small head board at the stairs box end and the job was complete.

In this case the cabin bed was finished in an Ivory décor, complete with matching doors and drawer fronts, finished with satin silver bow handles. It took us just over half a day to complete since this cabin bed construction did not result in any problems along the way.

The customer was certainly very pleased with his new cabin bed in his son’s bedroom, to such an extent he kindly offered us this testimonial:


Hi Derek,

Yes the new bed looks very nice, thank you. 

There is so much room underneath for storage, which is a massive plus. Also the finishing is of high standard and the quality of the bed frame is exceptional. 

All in all, we are very pleased with the bed and our son cant wait to sleep in his new bedroom.

Once again thanks for your time and effort, we would definitely recommend you to friends and family.



So, the customer’s instruction for us to construct a cabin bed in a very small bedroom was a success all round.


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Cabin Bed With An Open Bookcase

How To Fit A Cabin Bed With An Open Bookcase Into A Small Box Bedroom

In this case study we will build a cabin bed with an open bookcase in a very small box bedroom. The beauty of this design and build is that it pretty much uses all the space available. Clever design enables storage solution problems to be solved. The cabin bed with an open bookcase at the end of the bed also allows for numerous other cupboards and drawers to be incorporated into the small box bedroom.


Finished Cabin Bed With Storage. Just a bit of plastering left to do!

Mr S was looking to renovate his box bedroom which is currently being used by his granddaughter when she comes to stay over. When he saw some of the many cabin beds we have created for our customers online, he gave us a call to see if we could do something similar in his small box room. This was something we were more than happy to do.

The Design For The Cabin Bed Commences!

After much discussion with our designer Mr S opted for a fairly straight forward cabin bed with an open bookcase behind the headboard  as a starting point. We then introduced the possibility of added storage capacity within the box bedroom. The options were numerous and he settled on:

  • a two door cabinet and chest of drawers underneath the bed
  • two double bridging units above the bed

All of this was to maximise the amount of storage space that was available within the small box bedroom.

Building The Cabin Bed And Additional Storage Components

It is a common occurrence in many of these small box bedrooms that we encounter on our travels, that the floor area is reduced by the stairs bulkhead. An ugly fixture that sticks up in the bedroom. We can of course deal with this easily by hiding it under the cabin bed!

We started building by fitting the open book case on the wall above the stairs bulkhead. We then built out from there, starting with the base units for under the bed then finally the bridging units. Once these units were in place we hung the doors and drawer fronts along with the handles. All pretty simple and straightforward really.

This jobs only took us two days in total and was completed in a white aviola décor finish. So, another satisfied customer proudly showing off to his granddaughter the new cabin bed with an open bookcase along with loads of additional storage for all her things.


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Cabin Bed With Single Wardrobe

Cabin Bed With Single Wardrobe


Mr. Unsworth from Wigan wanted a cabin bed with single wardrobe in the small box room of his house. This would have to be fitted over the bulk head of the stairs. In addition, Mr U requested a shelf unit to be built into the cabin bed project.

Here at Real Room Designs we don’t like to disappoint.


finished cabin bed 3

Cabin Bed Base Unit


Designing The Cabin bed And Single Wardrobe


On the first appointment we arranged samples for the client to see and mull over. This was for the cabinetry and doors. Incidentally he selected Romana Cherry. The materials were ordered with only a 10 day turn around, whereupon we then went back to the house to fit the cabin bed with wardrobe and shelf unit.

Getting Started


When we arrived at the job, the room was all set up for the task in hand. This makes it a lot easier for us to get a good start. We brought all the materials and tools upstairs and stacked them in appropriate places.



The first job was to build the single wardrobe that would cover the existing bulk head. This is to give us a starting point and also to allow enough room for the single cabin bed. This was started by taking various different measurements and noting all the angles, then cutting the wood using a jigsaw. This all then slotted into place nicely and fixed together using 40mm screws and blocks. We then fixed everything to the wall so there was no movement.


single wardrobe

Single Wardrobe With Shelf Unit


Around the back of the single wardrobe the customer wanted a single open shelf unit with multiple shelves. To fix this we built up the open shelf unit before we put it into place and also added the shelves in the customer’s place of choice. We then lifted the unit into place and fixed it using multiple screws, making sure it was level. Then we added a side infill to close the gap and give it a great finish.

Next up was the construction of the single bed. This involved a front framed system that would have two doors, a two drawer chest and “3 x 2” timber to hold the bed base. We put together both the frame system and the drawers then fixed them in place. Next, we made a framed using “3 x 2” timber that would be fixed into the walls and also have supports going into the floor. This is to ensure that the bed base is fully supported and safe to use. (Lewis and Elliot tested it which is a combined weight of 30+ stone).

Finishing The Job


It was then onto the finishing touches, which was to hang the doors, fix the handles and then seal using decorators caulk, this is to give the job the perfect finish. After completing the job, we had the customer up to test his new bed and give us his verdict. He was extremely pleased and couldn’t work out how all that space has come from such a small room. Time to pack up for Lewis and Elliot and hit the pub as it was a Friday and we thought we had earned a well-deserved pint. Leaving behind another satisfied customer with his cabin bed with single wardrobe and shelf unit.

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Cabin Bed With Wardrobe and Desk

Case Study Of The Installation Of A Cabin Bed, Single Wardrobe, Top Storage Boxes And Corner Desk


The task ahead was to plan and install a cabin bed with wardrobe and desk in a bedroom. This bedroom being at the top of the stairs had the intrusion of the stairs bulkhead in the corner of the room, making the optimum use of space limited for the householders. The solution lies with the guys at Real Room Designs.

Mr & Mrs. W from Cheltenham came to Real Room Designs with a small/medium sized bedroom. They wanted to make the best use of the space in that bedroom and realised that a design solution was needed. The room was being used as if it were a box room, as it was obstructed by a stairs bulkhead. A feature that is commonly experienced in small box rooms located at the top of a flight of stairs.

Is It A Bedroom Or Is It An Office?


Derek travelled down to Cheltenham to measure up and give Mr & Mrs W a full consultation and an appropriate quote for the work needed. The remit required plans to remove the stairs bulkhead in the bedroom, thus opening up the bedroom for all sorts of possibilities! We were then able to utilise a ‘blank canvass approach’ to install a cabin bed with wardrobe and top box storage units. Additionally a corner desk desk could be fitted and filing drawers were incorporated into the design. Thus rendering the bedroom fully functioning and usable in line with the requirements of the customer. A bedroom at night and an offfice during the day!

Mr & Mrs W were happy with the design plans submitted and agreed to the quotation. After all the arrangements had been completed and the materials had been ordered to specification. It was time to make a start. The Father and Son combination of Derek and Lewis (we like to refer to them as Dad and Lad) embarked upon their cabin bed with wardrobe, top box storage and desk fitting adventure to deepest Gloucestershire. They travelled down on the Tuesday evening to make sure we would be there first thing on Wednesday morning to get a full day’s work in.

Single Wardrobe With Fitted Drawers



When they arrived they were looked after from the very start by Mr. W. He had the kettle on waiting with a wide selection of biscuits. This has become a bit of a tradition on our travels. Tea and biscuits are always welcome. They started by building the single wardrobe with fitted filing drawers and a pull out shelf that would house the printer. This room was going to double up as a bedroom and an office. They then fixed the wardrobe to the wall with infill’s at the side, bottom and top which gives it the bespoke finish.

The Single Cabin Bed



Next on the agenda for ‘Dad and Lad’ was the base for the single cabin bed. This was made with 3”x 2” timber and metal brackets. This gives it the strength and stability that is need to take the weight of the person sleeping on it. They then fixed the filing cabinets into place which would also support the bed base. There was also a shelf fitted along the wall to make more use of the space that the customer had in the room.

Top Box Storage Units



In order to make the best use of the space in the bedroom/office it was important to use the wall above the cabin bed to provide storage. Top box storage units were made to measure in advance and then secured to the wall. These cupboards opened out to reveal loads of useful storage capacity for the customers.

Finally The Corner Desk


Finally the space that had been left was for the corner desk. It was a perfect fit (of course it had been measured). Finally they had to scribe the shelf to the wall as there was a slight bow in the wall. This gives the desk a perfect finish and the customer was very happy and they even had their neighbours round to have a look at the final product.

The task was complete and the customer was the proud owner of an office/bedroom incorporating their cabin bed with wardrobe and desk.

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