How To Install New Kitchen Units Replacement Laminate Flooring And Granite Worktops

New Kitchen Units – Replacement Laminate Flooring And Granite Worktops

Follow us as we show you how to install new kitchen units, replacement laminate flooring and granite worktops in our customers redeveloped kitchen. This job was a major undertaking which we knew would take us several weeks to complete. We had to coordinate the work with several other trades and there would inevitable be down time when we allowed these other tradesmen time to complete their tasks.

Mr & Mrs H had an old, outdated kitchen which they desperately wanted rid of! Because we had done work for them in the past – bedrooms, staircase renovation and under stairs drawer units, we at Real Room Designs were well known to them. They offered us the opportunity to come and design, manufacture and install their kitchen.

The aim was to change the room in which the kitchen was situated and knock through into the dining room to create an open plan kitchen/dining room. This had to be done with the support of the mandatory RSJ.

Once this was complete we had to take a step back whilst we let the plasterers and electricians worked their magic. Whilst they were on with their respective jobs Mr H had decided that along with a new kitchen he wanted replacement laminate flooring put down to match. This was a fairly straight forward job for us. We removed the old flooring and underlay so we could install the replacement laminate flooring. We then completed the job with new skirting boards.

The intricate work on the kitchen, however, came with its complications! This was due to some of the acute angles found within the kitchen as well as there being a curved breakfast bar. Once we got all of the base units into place it was time for the granite specialists to take over – The guys over a Warrington Granite & Marble are fantastic and were in and out creating the templates within one morning.

Once we had all the appliances in place we then had to wait for the doors. As these were made from solid oak they had to be specially manufactured for us. When they did arrive they looked fantastic.

Overall from start to finish this job took around 4-5 weeks including all the building work and kitchen installation. But as you can see from the pictures we think it’s definitely worth the time and effort. This job was complete in Lissa Oak cabinetry with solid Oak shaker style doors and black star granite.

This was a mighty task but we have clearly demonstrated how to install new kitchen units, replacement laminate flooring and granite worktops in a complex kitchen re-modelling exercise.


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How To Install Laminate Flooring Successfully


Another Laminate Flooring Masterclass

By The Guys At RRD

When you are looking at how to install laminate flooring successfully you need go no further than this informative case study. In fact, the best way to ensure your laminate flooring is installed successfully is to use us at Real Room Designs. This is exactly what Mr M did!

This job came as a bit of a surprise as we had this customer lined up to fit their new wardrobes. However, when we arrived to do so Mr M enquired as to whether we would be able to fit his lounge with some laminate flooring that he had picked up at a clearance sale earlier that week. We of course were happy to do so.

What is Laminate Flooring?


Laminate flooring is simply a multi-layer synthetic flooring product. It is generally agreed that laminate flooring was invented in 1977 by the Swedish company Perstorp. It is true to say that laminate flooring has grown significantly in popularity since that time in many countries around the world. Most laminate flooring is packaged as a number of tongue and groove planks of a standard size and thickness to ensure a nice even coverage. Laminate flooring is very versatile and durable resulting in its popularity in today’s market as it simulates wood.

The Laminate Flooring Job

This job, as most flooring jobs, was fairly straight forward. We removed the old carpet and underlay along with all the gripper rods. Then, as we are always tidy, we cleared up any mess that had occurred to ensure the flooring would go in easy and level. We then proceeded to lay the new underlay ensuring all of the floor was covered.

Once the underlay was down, we started at one doorway by scribing out he skirting board and architrave around the base of the doorway. Then we continued to lay the flooring by alternating from each side of the room. Starting with a full piece of laminate and cutting the piece at the opposite end. This ensured that the lines/joins in the flooring would match up and would look the part when complete.

As soon as the flooring was laid, we fitted beading around the outside of the laminate. This helps to keep it fixed down as well as giving a nice finish between the flooring and the skirting board.

Some Do’s and Don’ts For Laminate Flooring Installations

Care must be taken when installing your laminate flooring. Improper installation can result in peaking. This is where adjacent laminate boards form a kind of V shape arrangement projecting from the floor. Also you may create gaps in the flooring, where two adjacent laminate boards are separated from each other. Make sure you get your lines straight and your joints in position properly. Don’t forget you laminate flooring will be down for a very long time, hopefully. It is a very durable and hard wearing product. However, it is recommended that you try to keep the laminate flooring as dry as you can. Water pooling on the surface can cause the flooring to swell and even warp in some circumstances.


This one room took us just under one full day to complete. This is usually about the average time scale of one room per day (obviously the size of the room does come into play). I trust we have given you an insight into how to install laminate flooring successfully.

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Cost Effective Laminate Flooring Installation

Can RRD Achieve A Cost Effective Laminate Flooring Installation?


Another “Feather in the Cap” for the boys at Real Room Designs. Cost effective laminate flooring installation is what we do!

Every now and again we get asked by our customers whether we can install other companies’products such as B&Q, Homebase etc. There tends to be one of two reasons for this. One, because their delivery and installation costs are much higher than ours or Two, because they have used us in the past for other jobs and trust that we will do a better job than someone they haven’t used before.

This Was One Of Those Projects

We were asked by our customer to remove an old carpet and then deliver and install brand new solid bamboo ‘laminate’ flooring. This project also included fitting new underlay and finishing off with beading around the skirting boards.

The removal was fairly straight forward. We just needed to rip out the old worn out carpet/underlay and remove everything until the bare floor boards were showing. Obviously we then disposed of the discarded materials in an appropriate manner. We then ensured all the floor boards were still securely fixed in place
to give us a level surface to lay the new underlay.

With laminate or engineered wood flooring once you have the first row scribed round the door way and skirting board on one side of the room it becomes a fairly easy task so long as you know what you are doing! It was then just a case of sliding the next row up to the next and so on, ensuring there are no gaps, thus making a tight fit. Then once we reached the opposite wall it was a case of again scribing round the skirting
boards ensuring a tight, neat fit.

This job only took one full day; this is however bearing in mind that all of the materials for this job were already waiting on site for us. The only small problem we came across was once we came to put the door back on in was a little too big, scratching along the new laminate floor. This is because laminate/engineered wooden flooring sits 3-4mm higher that carpet. This was only a small problem as we were able to sand this off the bottom of the door to ensure the door closed perfectly.

We have been able to demonstrate that in a short time, less than a day, we were able to provide a cost effective laminate flooring installation for a very satisfied

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Installing Laminate Flooring On Stairs

The Challenge Is – Installing Laminate Flooring On Stairs!

In this case study we will highlight the skills and craftsmanship needed for installing laminate flooring on stairs and throughout the house. The project included laying laminate flooring upstairs and downstairs in the house. However the real technical skills come into play when installing laminate flooring on stairs.

Back in January 2015 Mr & Mrs B form Golborne asked us to do a full kitchen refurbishment. This involved changing the units and replacing an old worktop. This job was undertaken successfully and completed to a very high standard, much to the approval of Mr and Mrs B. They came back to us a couple of weeks ago after appreciating our wide skill sets, professionalism and levels of craftsmanship. They had a new project for us….

Actually they wanted laminate flooring installing throughout the house, both upstairs and downstairs. A pretty big job! Within their remit they even asked us to laminate the stairs. Now, we all know this isn’t an easy job. But at Real Room Designs we accepted the challenge as if ‘it was just another day at the office’ as they say.

We started the job by removing all the existing laminate flooring and skirting boards. We achieved this with minimal mess or disruption. We had a skip delivered on site to make disposal of waste easy and efficient. It was soon time to get the underlay down for the laminate flooring to sit on. We evenly laid all of the underlay, making sure it was level and with no gaps as this would make the floor feel spongy in some areas. We started laying the Bandura Bologna oak effect laminate upstairs throughout the bedrooms and onto the landing area.  We carefully cut the laminate to fit round the door casings and also around the newel posts for the stairs.

Next we moved downstairs where they wanted the hall, downstairs cloakroom, living room and also the conservatory laying with the same laminate flooring. The downstairs was a little more difficult as we had a toilet to cut round in the cloakroom and also a number of pipes and radiators to accommodate. After successfully laying the floors we replaced all the skirting boards with new 5 inch Taurus skirting board, where we also had to box in around the pipes.

Laminating The Stairs

The final task was to laminate the stairs, this was completed by measuring each step and cutting the laminate to size and fitting a bullnose to each one to hold the laminate flooring in place. This was then finished with colour match grip strips to stop slipping on the stairs.

So the job of installing laminate flooring was completed to the satisfaction of our clients. We were able to show that no matter how tricky it was installing laminate flooring on stairs, the Real Room Designs ‘boys’ proved more than up to the challenge.

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