Extra Bedroom Storage Space By Utilising An

L-Shaped Corner Wardrobe


Mr and Mrs B were struggling for extra bedroom storage space within their master bedroom. Though their bedroom was a decent size they felt that with a bit of original thinking and innovative design, somebody would be able to come up with a solution. That somebody was Real Room Designs! It’s what we do….

The Customer’s Requirements For Extra Storage Space

Mr and Mrs B were particularly keen on getting extra hanging space for their clothes. They specified both short and long hanging in the wardrobes. In this way Mr B’s shirts and suits could be hung in the short hanging space whereas Mrs B’s long dresses could be accommodated in the long hanging space.


Inside the double wardrobe Mr B wanted extra drawer and shelf space. So we decided to add both to maximise the amount of storage space. Throughout all of our fitted wardrobes we try wherever possible the build them from floor to ceiling. This is to make the most of the space available and we also feel that it looks more professional.

Another thing Mrs B was very certain that she wanted was that the new wardrobes we were building matched her existing dressing table and chest of drawers. This was something we were more than happy to do for her. We have a selection of over 50 different decors that we can match to any existing furniture.

Innovative Design For Extra Bedroom Storage

They had an awkward alcove in one corner of the room.  This was offering no real added benefit to the bedroom and so became an integral part of our design solution for providing the extra bedroom storage space.

The best solution we were able to offer to the customer would be to make use of this corner alcove by installing an L-Shape corner wardrobe with a double wardrobe. In this way we were able to utilise the full alcove and maximise the storage space to its full capacity.

By using an L-Shape corner wardrobe we managed to make space that would usually go to waste. We also added 180 degree hinges to the doors to give full access into all of the corner wardrobe. Having an L-shaped corner wardrobe gives the customer over 2.5m of double hanging rail and thereby maximising the full corner space.

Completing The Installation Work


This job in total took us around 1 ½ days to complete. Having the alcove empty and ready for the installation process to start immediately saved us some time. However if there had been existing furniture inside the alcove we would have had to add an extra ½ day. So two days maximum for a job like this one. Extra bedroom storage space is a distinct possibility when you let us at Real Room Designs tackle the job for you.