The quest in this case study was to install fitted wardrobes with mirror sliding doors. Additionally we were asked to put in some drawers and fix some extra lighting for our client.

The Task Designing Fitted Wardrobes With Mirror Sliding Doors In An Awkward Shaped Space

Mr and Mrs R of Haydock had a stunning new build house they were rightly proud of. However the design of the house created a very awkward space to fill in one of the bedrooms. Basically it has a sloped angled ceiling which potentially posed a few problems for Mr and Mrs R. They grappled with the conundrum of what to do with the space. They wanted to know how best to fill it in, in order to get the best and most effect use of what seemed to them like a “dead” space.


With our fantastic bedroom fitting imagination skills we set out to give them the most spacious and bespoke design for that awkward space. The clients wanted lots of hanging room, drawer space and a “Hollywood Style” effect! Not only that, they asked for huge mirror sliding doors. After many CAD drawings we eventually came up with a fantastic design solution that fitted the specifications perfectly.

After collecting the materials for the bedrooms and fitting these huge mirror doors in the van we turned up at Haydock to start the job on the appointed day. What Paul didn’t tell me was that we had to go up 3 flights of stairs with all this heavy gear. Obviously after we had hauled everything up the stairs we rewarded ourselves with the customary cuppa. So when all the materials were upstairs I started to build.

Nathan Gets Started With The Wardrobes

To start off I put the drawers and divisions in place. This allowed me then to build a shelving unit and carry on building the frame system. Once you have the basics up the rest just fly’s up. With the whole frame system up its time to put the rails and cap all the screws just to give it a better finish. That was it for the first day. Lots of the tricky jobs completed and well on target.


The next day when I got there it was time to fit the drawers. After levelling the drawers off or as Derek would say ‘getting the bubble in the middle’ I could fix them to the wall and make them sturdy. Once everything is fixed to the walls and is solid I can place the track on and get the big mirror doors on. The doors were heavy but they went in a treat and they look amazing!


I had picked up some lights and a triangle mirror to put in the awkward spot above the drawers. I had pictured in my head it would look great, just like a Hollywood styled mirror and it did live up to my expectations. I installed all the spot lights and fixed a switch to the drawers. Getting the mirror in the right place was the tricky bit to make sure it was perfect I needed an extra pair of hands. I called Lewis for reinforcements and to get some butties on the way of course. After a quick lunch break we got the mirror on perfect. With the lights switched on it looked great.


Needless to say the customers were delighted with their new “Holleywood Style” bedroom incorporating drawers, custom lighting and fitted wardrobes with mirror sliding doors.