The Concept Of A High Sleeper Bed With Desk And Wardrobe As Well As Lots Of Other Useful Stuff!


This rather interesting project involved the design and installation of a high sleeper bed with desk and wardrobe. Additionally, we were able to incorporate a 4 drawer chest unit, open storage shelves and an open bookshelf to compliment the desk unit. As if that wasn’t enough, we designed into the project a single wardrobe complete with shelf and pull out hanging rail. All this was accomplished in a relatively small box bedroom.

The Customer Knows What He Wants


Mr H knew exactly what he wanted and that was to use his small box room to its full potential. He not only wanted to incorporate plenty of floor space for his son, but also he needed to make the best use of the storage space the innovative design would provide for. Ultimately he wanted somewhere neat, tidy and inspirational for his son to do his homework.

Mr H was very different to many of our usual customers as he already had the layout of the furniture inside his own head. As an engineer himself, he was able to picture exactly what he wanted to achieve in his son’s small box room. So from the very start of the project we knew exactly what he wanted and also how he wanted it building. This was actually a great advantage as the design stage was pretty much done and dusted for us. However, to then turn this into an actual fitted furniture project was the tricky part.

The High Sleeper Requires Careful Planning


The most important part of this job, because of it being a high sleeper, was too ensure that the bed was able to take the weight of a sleeping person and be fully supported. Not only now, but in the future when Mr and Mrs H’s son gets older and more importantly bigger.

To do this we sourced three full length angled steel supports to fit inside what would effectively be the bed bases. This then sat on top of four corner post supports that were hidden in the void behind both open shelf units.

Another difficulty we faced on this job, was the electrics!  Like in most small box rooms this one only had a single plug socket and this was located awkwardly on the old bulkhead. So when we came to build the new desk with a kick board covering the stairs bulkhead we had to move the electrical socket and fix it in the kick board.

This job was complete in Maple Décor with Silver bow handles. The finished box room included the following items of bespoke furniture:

  • Desk unit with open shelf unit
  • Open bookshelf
  • High sleeper bed complete with back shelf
  • A 4 drawer chest unit
  • Single wardrobe complete with shelf and pull out hanging rail



The job took us just 2½ days for the installation process to be fully completed. The finished article achieved plenty of floor space as well as storage capacity, as requested in the client brief. The resultant high sleeper bed with desk and wardrobe was a successful outcome for a rather interesting project.