How To Install An Office Desk And Cabin Bed With Storage Capacity

We are increasingly being asked to provide furniture items such as an office desk, cupboards, drawers, wardrobes and extra storage capacity in general along with our trademark cabin bed. In this instance we were commissioned to provide an office desk and cabin bed with storage capacity.

Mrs and Mr D were looking to make use of what they described as a ‘pretty useless’ box room. They were currently using it as a small storage room for anything and everything. Mr D particularly wanted to incorporate a small office space into the box room whilst Mrs D also wanted to incorporate a spare bed and storage just in case any of their daughters’ friends stayed over.

Using this information, we went away and put our designs down for Mr & Mrs D to take a look at. After all this is what we do at Real Room Designs. We have become the ‘go to’ experts for cabin beds and associated furniture. So, after a few changes and deciding on what colours to use we were all set to go.

This job was fairly straight forward as the room was empty to start with. So we started by building an open book shelf that Mr D wanted to store all his work files. Then working towards the window, we started with a set of drawers, then the two-door cabinet.

On top of both the drawers and two door cabinet we fitted a bed base. This give both a functional bed as well as underneath storage making sure we maximised the amount of storage space available in the room.

The final job was then to build out from the bed towards the adjacent wall to create a working desk with space for an office chair and room underneath for a small printer.

This job took us just under 2 days from start to finish, and was uncomplicated for once. We didn’t encounter any major hiccups. It was completed in a white textured finish with push to open doors.