From Old Dining Room Cupboard Doors To New Cupboard Doors….


Our customer Mr S from Hoylake asked us along to look at the feasibility of replacing some old dining room cupboard doors. We agreed the best way forward in this restoration project was to completely replace the old and tired looking cupboard doors in the dining room with some that were more appropriate.  However, these replacement cupboard doors needed to be just right to enhance the integrity of this period house.

No flat pack, off the shelf, short term fix was contemplated here. Mr S was keen that we preserved the period feel of his dining room whilst improving the access to the storage space in the cupboards themselves. This brief was “right up our street” here at Real Room Designs.  We just love helping our customers to get the most out of their particular situations and circumstances around their home.

Basically Mr S had an old tired looking cupboard in the corner of the dining room of his house. It desperately needed an uplift and a re-think was needed.

Dining Room Cupboard Doors for replacing

The Dining Room Cupboard Doors That Needed Replacing

As you can see from the above image it had moulded plywood panels on the front of the cupboard doors which had been added over the years. We, of course, removed these panelled cupboard doors and then installed replacement cupboard doors which were in sympathy with the rest of the doors on the ground floor.

ground floor doors for matching

An Example Of The Ground Floor Doors We Used for Matching

 beading on internal doors-

The Beading We Were Able To Replicate On The Cupboard Doors

The task of replacing the old dining room cupboard doors was achieved by commissioning bespoke doors matching the old original internal doors.  The images above provide an example of the internal doors we used for the matching process. We were able to replicate the the exact same beading profile.

It now looks original again.

 Replacement Doors On The Dining Room Cupboards

The Replacement Doors On The Dining Room Cupboards

The next job was to put the handles on and the task was completed. Take a look for yourself:

Replacing Old Dining Room Cupboard Doors

See How Replacing Old Dining Room Cupboard Doors Works|

So replacing old dining room cupboard doors really can work for you in your house. Contact Us if you want to find out how we can transform your home.