side view of new staircase with rail and spindles

Staircase Renovation June 2016

This small task of creating under stairs drawer units was done in conjunction with one of our previous jobs, where we fitted a new stair banister and spindles. Take a look at Staircase Renovation posted on 30th June 2016.

This customer wanted us to put the empty space underneath the stairs to good use as it was currently just collecting dust and ‘stuff’ in general. You know, the kind of ‘stuff’ that you couldn’t really get at once you put it underneath because of the awkward angle of the stairs. They also wanted to colour match the previous job with this one, which is something we get quite regularly and we are more than happy to do as we have over 50 different decors to choose from.

From the wealth of experience we have accumulated from previous similar jobs we had done, we suggested a deep under stairs drawer unit. It would utilise heavy duty drawers runners so it was possible to pull the drawers all the way out and get full access as well as taking advantage of all the space available.

We started by building a frame system underneath the stairs. This was to be able to give us the sides to the drawer units to be able to fix the runners and drawers too. This was as straightforward as it could be. We just had to ensure we matched the angle of our cut with the angle of the stairs to give a good finish.

This job took us just one full day, and the cabinetry we used was a white textured board. The doors however, were made to match the stairs banisters and were done in a white oak finish then stained to match. These drawers were also fitted with a push to open drawer runner so there was no need for any handles.

So, all in all, the under stairs drawer units were a fairly painless procedure for the family amongst all the other work they had going on.