The Problem is Having An Untidy Teenager’s Bedroom to Deal With!

This untidy teenagers bedroom started out as a bit of a cry for help from the parents of a particularly untidy teenager.  Following heated debates between the parents and their son it was decided that we should be called in!  Our remit was to see if we could help with the solution.

The Background

There seems to be a condition suffered by a lot of teenagers, that of extreme untidiness. The condition was also exaggerated by an increase in the number of clothes that seem to appear once a child turns into a teenager.  It’s quite remarkable how wardrobe requirements double from the age of 12 to 13!!

The Solution

It was obvious that a cure could only be possible if we provided the long-suffering parents and teenager with decent storage facilities.  We came up with a design as per the cad images and specification and it was agreed between all parties that this should provide the conditions to allow for tidiness to appear once again. Being a male teenager the actual colours and handles were picked by the parents as it was difficult to extract/identify an opinion when competing with the medium of an X-Box!!

The Installation

This room provided for a relatively easy installation.  We ask, whenever possible, for the room to be totally empty with no floor-covering at all.  Sometimes this cannot be done and we work round many different situations. In this case I think the parents were very happy to oblige and everything was cleared.  As we arrived a very full skip was departing, the parents smiled broadly at us and put the kettle on.  The teenager eyed us with a very suspicious frown and skulked off to watch the TV.

As you can see from the images we worked our magic.  After 3 days hard graft we produced the actual bedroom which, as it very closely resembled the CAD images we had provided to our customers, both young and old produced smiles all round.

fitted wardrobe

Fitted Wardrobe

The Happy Ending To The Untidy Teenagers Bedroom Dilemma!

I think in the teenager’s case it was a smile due to the provision of space for his TV and X-Box at the foot of his bed and very little to do with space for his clothes.  However shortly afterwards we were re-employed to do a loft room for their second teenager in the family.  As it turns out the first teenager wasn’t chronically untidy at all, he just didn’t have the space to put his stuff away. His parents have the hope that their second teenager is the same as his brother.


fitted storage space in untidy teenagers bedroom

Fitted Storage Space