How To Fit A Cabin Bed With An Open Bookcase Into A Small Box Bedroom

In this case study we will build a cabin bed with an open bookcase in a very small box bedroom. The beauty of this design and build is that it pretty much uses all the space available. Clever design enables storage solution problems to be solved. The cabin bed with an open bookcase at the end of the bed also allows for numerous other cupboards and drawers to be incorporated into the small box bedroom.


Finished Cabin Bed With Storage. Just a bit of plastering left to do!

Mr S was looking to renovate his box bedroom which is currently being used by his granddaughter when she comes to stay over. When he saw some of the many cabin beds we have created for our customers online, he gave us a call to see if we could do something similar in his small box room. This was something we were more than happy to do.

The Design For The Cabin Bed Commences!

After much discussion with our designer Mr S opted for a fairly straight forward cabin bed with an open bookcase behind the headboard  as a starting point. We then introduced the possibility of added storage capacity within the box bedroom. The options were numerous and he settled on:

  • a two door cabinet and chest of drawers underneath the bed
  • two double bridging units above the bed

All of this was to maximise the amount of storage space that was available within the small box bedroom.

Building The Cabin Bed And Additional Storage Components

It is a common occurrence in many of these small box bedrooms that we encounter on our travels, that the floor area is reduced by the stairs bulkhead. An ugly fixture that sticks up in the bedroom. We can of course deal with this easily by hiding it under the cabin bed!

We started building by fitting the open book case on the wall above the stairs bulkhead. We then built out from there, starting with the base units for under the bed then finally the bridging units. Once these units were in place we hung the doors and drawer fronts along with the handles. All pretty simple and straightforward really.

This jobs only took us two days in total and was completed in a white aviola décor finish. So, another satisfied customer proudly showing off to his granddaughter the new cabin bed with an open bookcase along with loads of additional storage for all her things.