Step Forward The Apprentices

We arrived at the job in Birchwood, Cheshire to begin the task of installing fitted wardrobes for a large bedroom. Mr & Mrs V had a very big bedroom in their house – believe us. The first port of call was to put the dust sheets down and the stair runners up and then to see how we can cheekily ask for a brew! A cup of tea was forthcoming, always a good start.

large bedroom before work starts

The Large Bedroom Before We Get Started With The Fitted Wardrobes

The bedroom we were fitting with new made to measure wardrobes was humongous! Not sure if that is a real word but it certainly describes the size of room facing us.

large bedroom before work starts

Nathan & Lewis Working On The Fitted Wardrobes In The Large Bedroom

We took some tools up and began unloading the van. After unloading the van we started to build these gigantic fitted wardrobes. The specifications for the fitted wardrobes took into account the scope offered by being able to work in such a large bedroom space. Often we have to work in very small spaces such as small box rooms where we are asked to fit cabin beds.

The apprentices each took to a corner of the room and began to build. The corner units were proving difficult because of sheer size so we had to work together.Team Nathan and Lewis got into action….. and as usual we made what seemed, on the face of it, an impossible task into one that was entirely possible.

getting the top boxes fitted

Getting The Top Boxes Fitted

Soon it was time for the top boxes, this was going to be fun. It’s a good job the room was so big and we had lots of space to play with. We had to cut the back of a wardrobe out to get to some sockets to be able to fit the lights that were going underneath the top boxes. We were on form that day the top boxes flew up!

still working on the top boxes

Beware Man At Work!


With all carcasses built and top boxes up we took to doing the bedside tables. Then Paul ( the boss) got stuck into the intricate and tricky cutting. That sort of specialised carpentry is right up Paul’s street. We then set about securing everything to the wall. Then it was time to put the doors on. The apprentice’s stepped up and within the hour they had proved themselves and everything was spot on.

fitted wardrobes with top boxes

Fitted Wardrobes With Top Boxes & Bedside Tables

Finally it was time for all the handles to go on. We gave this room the final touches and stood back to admire the finished fitted wardrobes. This room now looks fantastic and it was such a great project to work on.

fitted wardrobes with happy customer

Fitted Wardrobes For A Large Bedroom

This job was handed over to two of our apprentices to get started on. Nathan and Lewis have shown themselves to be accomplished fitted bedroom installers. They were supervised by Paul, one of the Directors of the company. The teamwork and professionalism of Nathan, Lewis and Paul showed just how fitted wardrobes for a large bedroom should look!